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Apr 13, 2023
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Hi LC clubmates,

This is Tiru from UK. I am being invited to this forum by my friend and colleague Raj as I am looking to buy a Landcruiser (LC). I live in London and planning to buy a petrol LC car. So just wanted to get your thoughts if this is right choice considering that most parts of the London is ULEZ now. I have seen the 2.75 L petrol LC car on autotrader (see the link below) and I am not sure if this engine size is ok for a car like land cruiser. Main purpose is to travel around UK and Europe in the next few years with family. Please provide your valuable suggestions.
Auto Trader UK - New and Used Cars For Sale - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]


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Hi Thiru,
Hopefully this is good one and let’s see if you ll be addicted to Landcruisers. :)

Dear all,
I went to check this car. Hopefully Someone from here might know this car.
Here are underside videos of the car. Please advise if this model with this engine is ok for this car and any thoughts on this one please.

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Underside looks good in the pictures Raj. I'm sure it will do everything expected of it and more if asked. 2.7 engine is a rare one in uk market. Wonder what parts availability is like. I'm sure there available.
Thank you. That’s a very valid point to think. This seller told he ll get service done from Guildford Toyota. If that’s true, Toyota might have the parts hopefully
Its a modern car and almost new so i don't think anyone can comment further than it should be adequate .

You have noted yourself Raj the forums preference for older series trucks and its because they were built so far and beyond adequate than 25+ years later they are still more than adequate .

World has changed though and we know a Hilux of the same year would do a lap of the planet so its a fair bet the 2.7 cruiser will do it in greater comfort .
they were built so far and beyond adequate than 25+ years
Agree as long as the rust monster doesn’t kill them. This one did 14000 miles and if no rust, will this be a good buy at that price?
Its Owner purchased it in Japan and got here when they moved here. Now they are in Dubai so it came for sale. The odo is in km and Speedo is in miles though.


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I'm not qualified to say because ULEZ to me only indicates places i will never want to visit .

I imagine finding an alternative but similar vehicle would be very difficult indeed which somewhat dictates the value .
Looks like a bit of confusion on the MOT regarding KM/Miles too. Maybe take it for a test drive and see what you think of the engine in real life - as said already, probably nobody here has one!
Landcruiser is my world so I went extra mile to maintain mine. Now my friend is mesmerised by Landcruiser :) and looking at other 4.7 petrols

Will Toyota be able to service these?
Is it easy to get insurance on these. ?
I think it looks good, I personally wouldn't want a Prado but if he likes the vehicle, condition looks good and I'm sure the petrol engine will be fine. I would probably feel more comfortable with that than the D-4D version as they seem to grenade a bit too regularly in the Prado's for my liking, although this is from internet (Australian info) rather than direct experience. It seems like they (Aus) defintely have more injector issues than the UK, so it might be a fuel quality thing?

Petrol isn't going to have the diesel EGR issue to deal with plus obviously ULEZ compliant which is obviously a requirement for Tiru.

This goes for if he gets the 200 series Petrol as well, I don't think he will have trouble insuring, and Toyota should be able to service it, Parts availability is good for the 4.6 as it's used in Tundra's, 4-runners, sequoias, plus a bunch of Lexus trucks. He might find it better to order parts himself from Partsouq or Amayama, I've just ordered some bits from Parsouq, very cheap and 3 day delivery to my door. They are thirsty, though the 4.6's not as bad as the 5.7's, he'll become very friendly with his local service station owner! There was also a 4.0 V6 in the early 200's don't know much about these though.
Petrol isn't going to have the diesel EGR issue to deal with plus obviously ULEZ compliant which is obviously a requirement for Tiru.
Thanks Bret. Agree less electronics and technology is more reliable.
Finally that seller agreed for a test drive tomorrow. Don’t understand why these sellers behave like this. I wouldn’t waste so much diesel and go 50 miles if we were not serious.
If all good there ll be one more happy LC owner. :)
Dear All,
Thank you for your prompt replies and valuable suggestions. I did go again on Saturday but the seller did not let me drive. He drove the car and it runs smooth. and provided all the documentation (in Japanese, of course) :).
yeah, true. I am not very confident at the seller. Car looks good though. So, not ready to take a risk