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What was their reason for not letting you drive it? Insurance or something else?
Playing on my mind this thread because what if i lived in a city and was therefore banned from having what i want then the truck that started this post then suddenly makes a lot of sense :think:

I suppose if what i want is no longer on the agenda and i could only opt to please bureautwats then i'd buy a van , and maybe a horse and cart for around town .
Few of my friends from ULEZ are looking to change cars for same reason. I guess a lot will be forced to change their cars and demand for petrols and Hybrids will increase
I think best to avoid this seller

Does this seller know you and your mate are very into your Cruisers and on this website? If so maybe he'd rather flog it to someone without a clue and without any specialist support network behind them!
Or doesn't want to sell but is instead establishing its value for reasons unknown .
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