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New here - 1993 Prado valuation - can anyone help?


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Apr 7, 2021
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Hi all,

I'm new here, and I'm not sure if this is maybe a long shot, but I'm hoping someone can help me out!! My friend's got a 1993 KZJ-78 Prado that they're trying to get a valuation on (unfortunately I have no photos to be able to show) - it's been sat in a field for a good twelve years or so, as far as I know the engine hasn't been run for just as long, and I think it was taken off the road due to an electrical fault of some sort. It would definitely be a restoration job for someone (or even a case of selling it for parts maybe?). I can't seem to find any of a similar condition for sale online, so it's hard to work out a valuation - if anyone has any idea of how much it might be worth, I'd really appreciate it!

Thanks and all the best


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Feb 2, 2013
Without pics your asking how long is a piece of string , well-preserved or refurbished they are worth good money but at 28 years old most are sold as a project and the price reflects how much it might cost to make it good again .


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Mar 28, 2011
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Being off the road for 12 years then it's missed that many salted winter roads. Depending on year of import then it's had very few years of British winters.

With that in mind then it hold's quite a good prospect to it. As in a keeper to run.

I wouldn't mention it as a parts truck at all, because it's a very rare vehicle. Just to put that to bed for your info.

Would be better to get it running and sell it as a runner. If you advertise it be best to get some decent pictures of the underside to confirm or let a potential buyer see what condition it's in.

Hope the info helps you a bit..