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New member from AUS


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Oct 10, 2016
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Hi Everybody,

Just a quick hello from Australia.
I'd like to tap into the collective wisdom of this forum.

I have been offered an opportunity to purchase a 1988 Toyota Blizzard Deluxe. This truck has only done 40,000km and is in pristine condition. It will only be used to buzz around town and drive along the beach (no dune bashing or hardcore 4X4'ing.)

I love the truck itself, however after a bit of research I do have serious concerns with the 2l-t engine. This is why I joined the forum, I understand this engine was in the 70 series land-cruiser.

I know this engine has trouble in the Surf because its a heavier vehicle. However does anyone know if there has been any issues in this frame? The vehicle weighs approx 1350-1400kg's.
Hi treefiddy, welcome to the forum.

I'm ignorant of the blizzard (and a lot of other things), so I looked it up.

Wiki gave me this:

<<The LD10 Blizzard was launched in 1980 and is based on the Daihatsu Taft(also known as the Scat), and was replaced in 1984 with the LD20, based on the Daihatsu Rugger. The Blizzard was only intended for the Japanese domestic market.[1]

The Blizzard LD10 equipped with the naturally aspirated 2.2 (2188 cc) L dieselengine. The engines were originally coupled to a Toyota 4-speed manual transmission, while 1983+ models came with a 5-speed.[1]

It is a rare Toyota vehicle with less than a dozen known examples in North America. Visually very similar to the Daihatsu vehicles, they were rebadged by Toyota and utilize Toyota engines.>>

It also says that it was made by Daihatsu for Toyota, so it may not be Toyota even if it has a Toyo badge. I guess you could confirm this one way or another by interrogating the VIN.

I also think the reference to its rareness relates only to the early models up to '84.

Sorry, I can't help with any advice on the engine, but hopefully someone who knows what they're talking about (instead) will be along soon!
Hi treefiddy, welcome

is it this one? clicky link If so I found a cached page from Aug showing it for sale at $15k

Sorry don't know owt about the engine.

That one looks mint, not sure they're worth that sort of money tho, you could have a dogs bollox 80 for less than that down under!
I always thought the Diahatsu Fourtrak looked a handy bit of kit and i can't see any Toyota engine being in danger of eating itself with only 40k kilometers on it mind you age is the killer it might be wise to spend some money on the cooling system even if everything still looks good .
Thanks for the info everybody, very helpful! I was very cautious about the 2.4ltr diesel, its been known to eat heads in Toyota Surfs, Prado's and Landcruiers. However, I'm mechanically minded and would always make sure it was immaculately maintained. If its maintained, it hopefully shouldn't have a reason to hate me.

That's the exact truck i'm looking at this afternoon haha. The price has gone down, but I was going to start the bargaining at a figure lower than that.