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New Member from Himalayas-Nepal!

Dr. Denis

New Member
Sep 14, 2021
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Hello, although I have been a member since a year now. I was following and reading the very helpful contents. Thought its time to introduce myself. I have bought 1993 LJ79 Land Cruiser II (Mark 2) over a year now. I am using it as my daily commute. I have not done any modifications and kept it as original as possible. Very happy with the performance. Takes Himalayan mountain roads easily. No any serious issues as such. Its run for 250,000 km (not sure if previous owner has tampered to less km). 3L Engine, has not been opened till now. I had issues with black exhaust, which has decreased to 80% by reducing the fuel intake to 25% in diesel pump and servicing of diesel pump. I can take it to 100km/hr in 5th gear @3000 RPM in highways. The major issue I have is too much consumption of engine oil. I guess time is approaching for engine overhaul? I have read in this thread about adding the Turbo from 2L TE engine to improve the power. But still reluctant as 3L engines are not built to handle the high temperatures of Turbo. So still in dilemma. Would appreciate a sincere feedback by those who have actually done it.

Sharing few things that I have learned that might be helpful to others:
1. Power is OK for highway. Cant expect great pickup as newer models. But great in off roads.
2. Black exhaust can be decreased by fuel (diesel) pump servicing and reducing the intake by 25% without compromising the power.
3. Replace rubber parts that has not been replaced. e.g. my clutch slave cylinder rubber O-ring tore and I have to drive 35km without clutch. Fortunately I found the replacement of the clutch slave cylinder and replaced (there are repair kits available online and dont need to replace the whole cylinder - much cheaper).
4. Replacing break pipes (rubber ones)- just in case.
Have attached some pictures of my beast. ILC2.jpg