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Jan 3, 2021
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Hi, from Gippsland, "new" 97 Std 80 series is about my 8th cruiser, first was a low mileage 75 petrol shorty.
Finished school on 16th birthday, motor mechanic apprenticeship, half my working life under cars and trucks the other half in an office pushing a pen.
Keen on fishing and hunting and four-wheel driving in Victoria's high country.
Recently purchased an ex-State Emergency Service 80 series, other than a couple of years with the SES a one owner vehicle, just setting things up for myself, focused on reliability and convenience for one person travelling/camping.
The 80 series needs the original clutch replaced, planning on an ARB locker in the rear and upgraded front axles/burfields.
Have already pulled the carpets/mats, too many deep river crossings to be putting up with drying a vehicle out once a week In the hunting season.
Presently working on mounting the CB radio up above, a bit shocked at the $400 plus overhead console cost so I am making something.
Look forward to joining in with a bit of discussion, cheers