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New member in Costa Rica, LC79

Ron Burgundy

New Member
Jul 24, 2022
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Hola from Costa Rica!
My name is Matt, and I bought a 2013 LC79 double cab 1HZ with 66,000km in January 2022. I added the Old Man Emu front and rear +50mm springs and the BP51 shocks, a roof rack, some lights, and a few interior upgrades. Many of the “roads“ around us would be considered moderate Jeep trails to many, and 4 low and up to 1 meter deep river crossings happen weekly here.
I plan to re-gear and add lockers, get a winch, get bigger tires, and possibly turbo this motor.
I have had 5 Jeep’s and around 7 pickups over the last 20 years, and have done suspension work (lifting, lowering, airbags) and supercharging or adding turbos to several.
I appreciate all of the knowledge shared here!


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