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New to me ex MoD 105

Idle Yorkshireman

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Mar 7, 2022
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All the way from Japan in 2002 to Germany for armour, bullet resistant glass and modifications, then onto Gibraltar before transferring to Lebanon and eventually back to UK last year. 37000 Km. It’s my first ever following an abusive relationship over 20 years with Range Rovers and Defenders.. I’m in love.
I’ve no idea what I’m doing with it but I’m sure it’ll be fun.


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That looks good. What does it drive like?

Need to get this to the next club meeting for a closer look see :)

Also, 105s rock.
Wow. All I can say. Other than lose those awful Bridgestones as soon as you can. Not a good tyre really. Factory fit for noise figures and price.
Very nice. What does it weigh? Are you planning on removing the armour?
Hi guys it weighs a lot, I'm sure I read it was just under 5 ton (don't know whether that rings true or not)..... all the armour is being retained. The only thing I've added to it is a stereo with reversing camera. Still getting used to the left hand drive, manual, gearbox and petrol engine. Its not as keen on the steep gradients to the top of the pennines where I live as my Defenders or Range Rovers have been but I haven't broken down yet neither : )
Looking forward to a club meet whenever there is one nearest, 3 kids plus 3 foster kids and 3 businesses to run limit my time to get out but can't wait to see other people's cars and find out more about these fantastic machines.
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Just under 5 tonnes

Probably about right with armour plating etc. wouldn't want to try and bump start that beast! :lol: (Loving the barn doors as well)
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LHD you get used to pretty quickly - main issue I found initially was getting used to positioning on slip roads (e.g. joining motorways). Ref the weight - be aware if you're with the AA then they may not recover the Cruiser if you have an issue - from memory their limit is 3.5T.
Nice find. Very unusual for a up armoured vehicle not to be crushed.
Nice truck and that grapefruit exhaust tail pipe is vee nice and as for the weight could you legally still pull a 3,5 trailer and if it steel armour in it it is more than likely welded in but the plus side is that you won't have to get it up armoured for living in Yorkshire you got yourself a truck with under 25 thousand miles that's forecourt mileage
Nice motor.
Dealt with a few armoured vehicles at work, they're definitely heavy!

Does it have steel floor plating or kevlar? We have a mix depending on the area it covers.
@Gary820 @SteveJB not sure to be honest whether it's steel plating or kevlar, will check today if I can. i know it was converted by Stoof in 2002 and commissioned for service in 2004 where it went via Gibraltar to Beirut and was utilised when Israel invaded Lebanon in 2006. According to its service record it has only done 11,000 kms since 2007? I also noticed it had an extra seatbelt in the front middle so it may have had a 3rd seat there at some point which would have made it a 10 seater in total !
I'm new to these motors and wondered whether to get an alarm and tracker installed? Its well locked up and hidden on the smallholding but I've had Defenders nicked from here before. Any advice gratefully accepted.
Armoured Range Rovers i used to carry weighed in at 4 tons, side windows could not be wound down with windows an inch think, presumably yours the same, be interesting to shove it on a weighbridge and see.

That's fantastic and in lovely corrosion free condition.
Hang onto it, when the wef authorise the release of the 3rd and 4th apocalypse horsemen later in the decade, that truck of yours will be in demand.

Yes get a tracker fitted, maybe a wheelclamp arrangement too, and you should be able to come up with your own secret immobiliser of some sort, its not as if some twerp is going to drag it onto the back of his car trailer or 7 tonner, but would be interesting to see what happens to him when the winch cable snaps :sunglasses:, we only used to put these on as the last vehicle on an 11 car carrier (7 LR's max and a couple of the load would have to be Defenders to keep the weight under 44 ton gross if you had an armoured jobbie on) where it sat between the wheelarches over the 3 trailer axles, couldn't expect the rams to lift it up to top deck nor would you put a moving deck through it, need a bloody big transporter to nick that beasty of yours.
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Most definitely get alarm and tracking devices installed apart from the security point it should also reduce your truck insurance costs you should be able to get some recommendations for tracking device and alarms and immobiliser plus a fuel cut off switch of which there is a
May want to add something visible. As a deterrent.