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new to the forum.


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Apr 24, 2023
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Hi all, I'm the father of the owner of a 2006 Troopy, that owner being my daughter. She is getting her car ready to do some travel up to the Kimberley and the Pilbara this year in WA, and hopes to do the Cape next year. Personally we have a 2013 Hilux 4x4 camper and a 1998 TF Rodeo 4x4 with the 4ZE1 petrol engine. I'm the main go to for problems but I done have any recent experience with the troopy's so I'm hoping the forum will be able to fill in some of the blank spaces in my knowledge. Thanks in advance.
Welcome! Sorry for my ignorance, especially as I've visited Australia twice, but when Aussies talk about the Cape, where exactly do they mean?
HI Effalump, when talking about "The Cape" in Australia, especially in 4wd circles, one is generally referring to the Cape York Peninsula, which is the top section of the east coast. Even though it has been tamed in recent decades, it is still one of the bucket list spots for most 4wd travellers here.
Thanks for your reply, I should have known that, the furthest north we got to on the east coast was the Daintree Rain Forest, Cape Tribulation, stunningly beautiful,
Our last visit in 2016 got us from Margret River to Monkey Mia then to Exmouth /Ningaloo on the Western Cape, can’t wait to get back to Australia, love it.
Hi Sails, welcome!
Don't let your daughter talk to my daughter until she has an income, as she also wants a Troopy/76 to travel around the Kimberley and Top End. She did her medical prac in Kununurra last year, and wants to work up there (Darwin), and get out further than her current Mazda 3 allows. I have a 76, and I wouldn't be surprised to get home from work one day to find out it has "absconded" up north.
2006 - one of the last 1HZ models?
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