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New to the LC world. Where do I start?


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Aug 5, 2021
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30+ years of jeep faithfulness and ownership. Just sold my 2014 JKU Sahara and purchased a 94 LC.

Clean looking 254k triple locked, straight body, no dents or dings, no rust, interior above average and runs great $8900............ NOT what i found when I got there. Drove 3.5 hrs to look at it and got there at 9pm.
Turned out not to be tripled locked (fake switch), oil leak and oil covered frame and axles. Said engine light was 02 sensor..... didnt even test drive it. Told him no thanks I'll pass. He then said make an over since I drove over 3 hrs and now wouldn't be home until after 1am. I said would consider it for more than $6000. Sold. Signed title and paid cash. Started right up..... put in gear drove out of the drive to first stop sign and hit the gas and turtle speed..... took 15 seconds to get to 20mph. Next stop sign same thing. Get up to 50 mph and shifts hard back and forth all night. Though transmission is slipping. Got up to 6o and topped out floored at 3000 rpms. drove it to nearest gas station and filled up gas. Had a 3.5 hr drive in a bum vehicle that i just paid $6k for and hope it would make it or my wife was going to kill me. Took 2 tanks of gas to get home 170 miles. cost me $110 in gas. Never got above 65 going downhill.

Next day pulled plugs, all white, rented timing light and it was about 60* retard. set to factory 3* runs like a beast. Solved all issues. Runs perfect.

NOW WHAT??? What are the best first steps to take? Checks and maintenance?

Best first mods and cheap must do upgrades?