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nice storyanonymous 'Cruiser saves the wedding day!



18Feb2009 (UTC +8)
They're looking for "Gary" who helped save the wedding day :)
"LUCY Fransham had always believed you only get hitched once...until
it happened to her twice in one wedding day.
For when Lucy's Rolls Royce broke down on the way to Mottram Hall, she
thumbed a ride in an old Toyota Land Cruiser.
And it had all been going so well for the 25-year-old Macclesfield
lass, cruising along in a dazzling white dress, ready to marry John
Abernethy, 32, at a Valentine's Day ceremony, and with dad Nigel by
her side.
Until the vintage Royce stopped rolling.
Lucy said: "The brakes failed, I couldn't believe it, and my dad
called my stepmum to come and get us, but I couldn't wait. I jumped
out, hitched up my dress, and ran up the road in Pott Shrigley
stopping every car. It must have looked very strange to someone
driving along. I was so stressed =E2=80=93 I thought I might miss my own
Macclesfield's drivers did the town proud, with "everyone" stopping to
offer a lift, but Lucy's voluminous gown needed a special type of car,
and a 4x4 truck was just the ticket.
Completions manager Lucy added: "I would like to say thanks to 'Gary'
for picking me up in his Toyota Land Cruiser. It was very kind...only
30 minutes late for my own wedding, so not too bad. I nearly missed
the slot though."
Meanwhile, twiddling his thumbs and surrounded by friends and family
at Mottram Hall, John, a financial courier at Collect a Case in
Macclesfield, began to wonder.
"It's hilarious thinking about it now, but it wasn't at the time! She
was half an hour late, although she's always late for everything
anyway, to be honest."
Surely, after the delayed start, the rest of the wedding went like clockwork?
"Not really," said John, now with Lucy on a dream honeymoon in Thailand.
"I went to get my speech out and pulled out a pair of High School
Musical tickets, I couldn't believe it! But I got my mate to go and
pick it up and everything went smoothly after that. Definitely a day
to remember!"
Are you the 'Gary' who picked Lucy up? Get in touch with us on 01625 424445."
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