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'NITRO' off topic



Thanks Ian, looks like that was what it was. I did see another roar
past me in daylight and I only glimpsed the front and I thought it
was the chevy symbol, but it was going fast - saw the 'nitro' on the
tailgate though. Yes it was another black 'un too. Bloody loud though.
I think I have also seen a huge billboard with it featured along with
2 other aggressively name cars.
Malcolm said.....
They are up to date aren't they - amazing thing about progress today is how
fast the rich get richer, poor get poorer.
Well, its not so surprising as you might think. The thing about these
countries is that they are less sophisticated about their emissions
and construction laws, 'E' marks etc. So they import anything as soon
as its available worldwide. They are not hidebound by regulations
that delay the introduction of new cars.
Also in Serbia just about every filling station has auto gas, and
have had for a long time. (Currently there is great debate about the
raising of tax to make it the same running cost as petrol - emissions
are not an issue here!). And when it comes to parking, all of
Belgrade has been on the cellphone payment system for over a year. It
was trialled in a nearby town (Indjija) over 2 years ago. A very
convenient system that tells you when you have 10 minutes left on
your parking time and asks if you would like to extend it ! They are
good at getting money out of you too.
Belgrade, Serbia (Linslade, Beds)
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus