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noise/thanks + Exeter



Andy wrote...
The guy thinks the noise MIGHT be the
exhaust - apparently they can make all sorts of odd noises and in any
case it isn't the transmission. So, I'll change the front exhaust
section before Salisbury and if it's still there, we can have a listen
and I'll give a prize to whoever gives a correct diagnosis!!!
Hey Andy now hold on there, are you sure he has mis-diagnosed that
ever elusive central muffler bearing that we all read about on the
80s list ? Careful now.
If it were ever possible for me to come to the Plain next week, I
would certainly like to hear yours and then in return you can listen
to mine ;o)
RE: Exeter
Thanks Chris, good info and I will be in touch with them. A couple of
days in a local B&B might be bearable I think. I notice that when
googling them you get led to a bearing company site in Exeter too.
Guess they are under the same ownership.
Grand Union Canal
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia