& now for my sulphur query! & speed monitoring (&



So maybe the Africa ones are better than...? well, the djinns certainly
are little devils! guardian angels? what are these? the ones that I
know off move faster than the speed of light!....why can't I have loads
of these....?
The british ones are c**p anyway! can you imagine the following
scenarion...guardian angels from north africa and europe sparring with
the british reserve home guard - not a pretty picture...and I know
who'll I'll vote for...blood every where, dishonour amongst the ranks,
honour amongst thieves (well, me and l'beast, thieving little mongrels
that we are...)....well, I need say no more! haul them in I say! the
lot of them, then we can have a gutsy pyramid threesome, kind of
thing...& l'beast will stand on the apex, basking in glory, glowing,
preening luxuriously his coat in the sun, brandishing the swords of
>>> [Email address removed] 03/14/05 04:37pm >>>
On Mon, 14 Mar 2005 16:31:25 -0000, Christopher Bell
<[Email address removed]> wrote:
> I was always told that Guardian Angels can't fly faster than 70 mph.
What a useless lot these British Guardian Angels! In Germany they fly
at whatever speed you can make!
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
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