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some more bad luck; look for a cloud with a silvery-gold lining...



You poor person you! if its not the cruiser its something else!
John, you know us all pretty well now - there is no question of us getting
miffed about you asking questions - and I'm sure Julian will support me in
this, as will all the rest of us.
My thoughts are with you - you need a better leprechaun then the one you've
got now - ditch it! he/she is not worth it! you can share mine if you
like - okay, he's a bit like Loki on many occasions, but he genuinely likes
me (dunno why).
Hang on in there John, you're luck is bound to change - it can't be the same
I travel alot in North Africa as you know, and I've got some good little
djin helpers out there - my luck isn't always good, most times its somewhere
inbetween, with a good dose of bad luck thrown in for good measure to keep
me on my toes. Have faith, between us all you'll be soon sorted again, so
please, don't worry too much.
Remember one thing - ALWAYS back up files, even ones that you think arn't
worth the cyber space, including emails, contacts, everything.
Good luck!
I'm thinking of you.
Kindest regards
(who'se still got the same old walrus! over 150,000 miles on the clock now -
the engine's going to be tweaked before my next stretch, which starts in
Malta (Malta World Heritage, Tourism Malta and RSPB)in October and continues
into Libya and Algeria by March 2008. MOT due at end of August, but I've
been doing a bit here and there on it and I'm happy with my efforts - okay,
I'm no mechanic, as you know - but I've done all the brakes and the testing
now, and the steering, the wheels have been sorted (haven't bought new ones
yet, so the old ones will just have to do), compression test later this year
and complete change of all fluids/lubricants and filters between now and
October - hopefully this will be enough. I got hold of my favourite oil for
l'beast recently - so I bought a 100 quids worth (paid in monthly
instalments...)! Its taken me just over a year just to pay for the oil!
Still got to do the suspension upgrade (springs & shocks) when I get the
money together (again by instalments...), and check all the driveshafts, and
the propshafts and UJ's. Next job is all the hoses, the radiator and the
air conditioning - its a never-ending list isn't it? it seems endless - one
thing is done, and another rears its head...
I guess this is what it takes to be an 80s owner! (Thunder was 16 in
May...). But I will say I'm never satisfied and before I end up in North
Africa next year I'll find (create) other things to do for l'beast, because
even now its not ready for the Sahara... just yet.
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Subject: [ELCO] some more bad luck
Hi Guys
I have recently had some more of this bad luck which seems to attach itself
to me.
My PC decided to start smoking three weeks ago which started with smoke
coming out of the mouse and then out of the PC itself.
So after a new hardrive, motherboard and power unit which had all burnt out
I am slowly getting up and running.
The problem is that im no better at working on the PC than the Cruiser.
I lost nearly all the info I had stupidly kept on the PC without having it
backed up on CD.
So to come to the point, I have lost most of my cruiser info and every thing
else going back years, of all sorts including programs etc.
So dont be too hard on me when I ask questions to which you think or know I
had the info from previous asked questions.
Even all my addresses and contacts are gone
These answers are now all gone and my memory is crap so thats no help at
Also sorry Julian if its in HTML.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT