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off for my R & R in the middle of nowhere (fife to be precise)



Hi all you guys and gals
I'm off now to trot up to Fife in cold but sunny Scotland for a few
days - I'm driving up 'cos I can't be bothered with things like trains
and planes...An' there's an offroad event championship that I'm
interested in following and partaking of which is taking place over the
next 5 days.
I wish you all a happy Easter and I'll speak to you after I get back -
if anybody wants to ring me over the break Julian is probably the only
one with my NEW mobile number (I can never remember it see...!?).
So do ring if any of you want to.
I'm clocking off now, leaving work, pay the immediate bills that if I
don't will see me without gas or 'lectric when I get back...and such,
and sort the cat's shorterm care out.
Take care all of you and have a good one