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Oh heck 2!!!!!

Ecky Thump

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Mar 4, 2010
During the MOT my mate calls me under the car and says that whilst he was testing the steering he saw very slight movement in the joint below (marked in white) on the N/S/F wheel.

He says it might pay me to see if the four bolts need a tighten whilst I'm doing my wheel bearings.

So today I set about doing the bearings and having a crack at these four bolts. The two in green were as tight as they could be, the one in orange needed a half a turn but the one in red, once I'd cleared years of crud off it, was only finger tight. In fact I think it was the crud holding it in place. So another place worth checking guys.

This one is a common problem. Well worth removing them, cleaning the threads and then putting some thread lock on before reinserting.

Mine have come loose in the past, they have been fine since thread locking.

Mine were the same and to fix you need to remove the studs, then completely clean the threads with brake cleaner (you need the swivel off the axle for this) and then thread lock it back in place. Tightening them wont keep them there for long ;)
Do you want the bad news or the bad news Les? :| It's quite a common problem and the only way to fix it so it doesn't keep coming back at you is to take the swivel off, remove the studs, clean the threads with degreaser and thread lock the studs back in place. Otherwise, now the studs have been loose grease from the swivel works it's way down the threads and lubricates them so that as you move the steering wheel back and forth the studs wiggle out again. If you don't notice them in time you end up with with sheared / missing studs and ovaled holes :cry:
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Grrr weld them!

Battered and Blue said:
Grrr weld them!

Did consider that with my old 80 but actually THREAD LOCK and clean threads gets the job done :mrgreen:
And you may want to take the out again!

Grrr weld them (a little bit)

Okay gentlemen

Message recieved loud and clear. Didn't know about this one but I do now :p