Oil consumption poll



Sorry I am a bit late with this Julian but I had to retrieve my records first.
Can I split this into two driving scenarios please?
Vehicle age: 1992
No. Miles Done: kilometres 265, (166,000'ish miles)
Service interval: 5000 kilometres
2001 up to end 2005
Amount of oil required for top ups between services: half litre
Oil used: Castrol TXT Sofitec Synthetic 5w - 40. (This is an old
brand in western European terms, but the company push it as their
premium synthetic in S.E. Europe).
Average driving: 75% Tarmac with few dual carriageways but occasional
autoroute bursts across Europe to UK. 25% mountain tracks, mostly
rock surface. The latter usually being in low ratio with higher revs.
All driving done in snow end November to end of March, again often in
low ratio with chains.
Up to Sept 2006
Amount of oil required for top ups between services: nil
Oil used: Chevron Supreme Synthetic 5w - 40. After some help at the
time from Craig on suitability, I bought this very cheaply at COSTCO
(thanks again Jon W !). Although known as a USA brand it is made in
Europe and is near Japanese engine requirements. I see this week that
they now sell it in 20l drums at about 44 quid.
Average driving: Typical UK roads plus M25/A3/A41, no off-roading at all in UK.
I always use the MANN WP 928/80 filter. I was told that they produce
this specifically in their South African factory to meet the high
local demand for Toyota specific filters. It apparently has the same
construction to the OEM part, but Craig might rap my knuckles on that point.
=================As an aside I am also using Chevron Supreme heavy duty diesel dino
10w - 40 in my Pajero and boat engines. (Again from COSTCO where it
is a big seller to their taxi driver customers). Why not synthetic?
The Pajero has always had dino in it in my 4 years of ownership so I
don't want to disturb any build-up of gums etc. in order to preserve
its excellent performance to date. But this oil is also 23 quid for 20 litres !
Tring, Herts
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus