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Oil temperature sensor in valve cover? Accurate reading?

Esben Bøll

New Member
Mar 4, 2020
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I have been researching were to install an additional oil temperature sensor. The best solution seems to be to install a sandwich adapter under the oil filter. like this:

SGAP5-2415 Toyota Oil Filter Sandwich Plate - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]

but those are expensive. Especially from Australia to Europe!!

I happen to have an old oil temperature sensor laying around from an old project. It is too big to install in a T fitting with the original oil pressure sensor location.

So I was thinking. There is also oil in the valve cover. It would be super easy to install the temperature sensor in the valve cover.... but would I get an accurate reading? I guess the sensor would in practice be reading the oil/air fumes next to the valves, but would there be a significant difference?
I short, yes, I think the reading you get won't be accurate. I rebuilt/ tuned a V6 engine in a Sierra years ago and fitted an OT gauge in the side wall of the sump.