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OT That's my kind of gal!....)) / Conquer the world on a tractor! [email protected],



Paris-Antarctica on an old Deutz tractor, 25km/h....:))
Synopsis, from our local Dutch newspaper today:
"Mum, dad, I still want to travel to Antarctica with a tractor."
'We had that discussion before, dear: either you do it, or you don't,
but don't keep *just* talking about it.'
I don't see much English media attention listed yet[*], so if anyone
on these lists has any such contacts, or sees a story in it himself,
please have a go at it....:))
[*] Dutch site-entrance has a few more links, including 'media'
(and not all links work yet, the 'Testrit Paris' links further to a
non-existent gallery for example)
Willem-Jan Markerink
The desire to understand
is sometimes far less intelligent than
the inability to understand
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