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Our next Morocco trip...


New Member
Mar 11, 2010
Well after much arm twisting I've persuaded the GF it's time to head back down to morocco .

Itinerary is as follows,

Leave liverpool early 23rd march
1300 ferry Dover-Calais
1900 Arrive at cousins in france for food and bed for the night
24th continue down as far as Pau and stop for the night approx 750km
25th head for our little shack in alicante around 7pm approx 700km
26th march- 12th April...sit by the pool...and generally psych our selves up for algeciras - Tangier crossing
12th April early start to Algeciras(630km) - Tangiers Then off to Chefchouan(130km)
13-14th spend the night and a day in Chefchouan

And the rest my friends is still being worked on .

Anyone out there around this time give us a shout.

Hello Tony

I will be there.

Should be in Campsite Azilan, Chefchaouen on Monday 19th Apr then heading south hopefully as far as the Assa to Smara piste and then maybe hit the coast and head back North, staying back at the same campsite on Wednesday 12th May.

So we may bump into you on our travels although you are a few days ahead.
Well the leaving Spain bit is always very flexible...what are your travelling plans ? currently we are solo , which we did last time but a bit of company in the more remote parts may be good

So you are doing 4 weeks in morocco is that right?

I think I saw your rough route posted elsewhere .

maybe we'll postpone our departure from spain by a few days if you are looking for company.

One lesson we learned last time was to try and slow it down a bit...250km plus of piste is a bit tiring.