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part numbers.


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Jun 21, 2011
Hi Everyone,
Traveling to India next week and the kids have bought me a 3 day stopover in Dubai as a birthday present. I want to make the most of this stopover and buy some small parts like bush kits, window channel rubbers etc that i can stuff in my suitcase or give them to the kids for them to bring back with them.(They are staying 7 days in Dubai and returning to uk)
So far i have only managed to find the part no's for the window rubbers and i can't seem to find the part no's for the bush kits.
I've hardly driven the Landcruiser in the past 3 years and there has been some work pending on it like renewing the bushes, and some suspension parts and the clutch issues i've had that i mentioned in my last post.
It's a 1996 LC 80 GS which i cant find on the EPC, they only have the VX and GX versions on the catalogue but not the GS, i suppose the only difference between this models are in the trim and cosmetic and not on the mechanical and suspension side.
The only other thing i am confused about is the engine variants as there is no mention of 1hd-f or 1hd-ft in the catalogue just HJD 80L or HJD 80R, so a bit here.
Sorry to ramble on but i've tried to explain as best as i could and hoping some one would be kind enough to point me in the right direction or even help me out with part numbers.
Thank you in advance
Hi Ram, If you have access to toyodiy you can enter the VIN of your truck and it'll take you to the right variant. Trev
thank you all, emailed Amayama Dubai if i could pre order and have it delivered to the hotel or i can pick up the order, but it was a firm no for both the options.
so will try my luck with local supplier and see how that goes.
Thank you once again