Planning ~ Legends Trip 2011 - Damaraland Namibia

keith richardson

Active Member
I am in south_africa
Mar 9, 2010
For those that dont know "Legends" are defined as the Land Cruiser BJ / FJ40/42/43/45 (J4) Series.

I'm sure most of you have seen the pics from our Legends Trip 2010

Well , , , we are now planning "Legends Trip 2011" (April / May 2011)

We will be going from various starting points in South Africa (Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town) to Damaraland in Northern/Central Namibia. notorious for its desert elephants and desert lions.
As the reliability of the 40's was faultless on our first Legends Trip - we are now going a bit further.
This next trip for some of us, will probably be a 6500km round trip over 14 days and we are hoping to have a few more 40's this time round, as there are already a few restorations presently underway that should be finished by that time.

PS - Gazza - we need a good video cameraman :think: :think:

Gary Stockton

Super Moderator
I am in zimbabwe
Sep 10, 2012
Ha ha - when are you going, and should I bring my 120 as a support vehicle?? :dance:

Sounds great fun though - jealous already :shifty:

Edit: ooops just seen the April / May bit ... Oh well, I can but dream :pray:
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