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Prado speakers


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Apr 6, 2010
I'm in the market for some decent speakers for my LC, I was told at a shop recently that my original speakers are 13cm front and rear, however when looking at the speaker covers they appear larger, has anyone had the door cards off and measured them ?

Thanks Matt, I've sent them an e-mail.

I was down your way this week, stayed at Verwood !!

I thought the standard size was 6.5".

Do you still have the original head unit? Changing that will give you a bit of extra oomph if you get a half decent one.
Nick, I went to a lot of trouble on my first 90, to change the speakers. I fitted tweeters too and a subwoofer too. I was disappointed. I know that the OEM speakers look a bit rubbish, but sound quality wise they may not be completely duff. As said previously a better head unit can get more out of them. OK, if they've had it then that's a different story. But you can spend a lot of time and money and actually not make a worthwhile improvement.

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I was about to change the speakers in my 80, but then bought a new radio that I could connect my iPod to, the sound was transformed, didn't need the speakers after all it was just the head unit.
Thanks guys,

Matt I was in Verwood on pleasure, camping.

I've already got a Kenwood head unit in, thinking this would do the buisiness, it did slightly but not quite what I'm after, I'm not after a "boom boom" car just something thats fairly loud with ample bass and crisp mid sounds.

I fitted these in all four doors of my Colorado

They are made by Megavox and are rated at 300watts. How ever I run them of a pioneer head unit rated at 50watts. They are three way speakers and give a nice bass sound with clear mid range and treble. Because the head unit is way below the power of the speakers there is no distorsion of sound at all. The size is 18.5 cms in all the doors. The OEM speakers where glued in as well as screwed. I used the original connections to connect up with so as not to cut the main loom. I am also fitting an amp just to boost it up a bit but nothing to serious. HTH

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Thank you, Admin. Still getting used to editing and things on computers. I'll get there eventually