pros and cons of the 100 series



Hi Guys
just wondering what the pros and cons of the 100 series are. I have driven
the 80 series for about 10 years and know its faults but need some advice
what to look out for if buying the 100 series. Are the 100 good of road
without any mods or are there certain mods needed.
what are the checks to look for when buying the 100 series.
compared to the 80 series what are the things to look out for when servicing
what is the average mileage to expect from the TD model auto.
Is the auto or manual a better buy.
Is the auto box as good as the 80 series.
What service history on a 1998 should I really look at and how can I tell if
it was done.
Has there been any recalls for this 100 series.
Any other info no matter what would be great please.
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Hi John,
driven the 80
what to look out
mods or are there
[JV:] The 100s with its independent front suspension (IFS) will go to about 98% of the places that an 80 with the solid front axle will take you to.
Like any land cruiser they are pretty good out of the box, but like all models will benefit from some mods.
[JV:] The main issues to check area;
Active Height (AHC) systems can be problematic and expensive to repair - it is often cheaper to just replace it with 3rd party suspension if you are planning a lot of off roading.
The motors on the steering column are prone to failing - get your local dealer to switch them off so they don't adjust the steering wheel each time you put the key in.
As with any LC be prepared for it to have been poorly maintained
servicing it.
[JV:] On the servicing front you have less to worry about on the front and rear axles. Seals etc. on the front drive train are easier to deal with, but more hassle on the rear axles so swings and roundabouts.
[JV:] The TD block is the same as the 80s and I suspect it has a similar or even the same head as the 24 valve TD so generally pretty bullet proof - so expect similar mileages as you would with 80s.
[JV:] Manuals are few and far between. With the earlier models at least (pre Aug '03) they have the same gearboxes as the 80s so generally pretty reliable.
There is a weakness with the torque convertors on the earlier 100s where a washer inside the convertor wears away causing vibration and ultimately failure - we can get them refurbished with less destructible washers, but there hasn't been that much need for it.
[JV:] It's the same box as the post 8/92 80s up to 8/03 and then a 5 speed box came it. The later box has a lot more electronics and is a great box and so far proving to be just as reliable as the earlier boxes.
tell if it was
[JV:] Tough call - dealer servicing should count for something in theory, but I am becoming increasingly wary about it. Also I wouldn't trust 99% of the sellers out there. The best thing is to pay for something like an AA check or get someone that really knows 100 to check it out for you.
[JV:] As with any vehicle there have been one or two. On that issue it does help to ensure that you don't buy an import - I have come across issues with the rear wiring loom causing problems with the ABS and AHC - the problems are fixed by changing out the rear loom and can be done under a recall, but only with UK models - the import model I was working on wasn't covered costing the owner =A3350+ in parts and labour more than it should have done.
[JV:] OK, where to start.
Oh, I know...
The highest concentration of 100 series owning customers I have in Ireland live in Co. Kildare!! So far 2 100 series and 1 80 series customer within 10 miles of Kildare. :)
European Land Cruiser Owners Mailing List
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