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Q: Front pseudo-diff-lock with an ABS (or a retrofit A-TRAC)


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Jul 15, 2021
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Hi all,

Once again - I ask you to join me on this mental exercise - maybe to benefit us all.

Front lock differentials being priced over 1000€ for 90 - I wonder if an ABS system can be used to create brake pressure on individual wheel that's freely spinning WITHOUT applying brake pedal pressure.

Newer vehichles are capable of this - when they have 2 wheels in the air (on each axle 1 wheel has traction) and the lifted wheels are freely spinning - the ECU is able to apply brake pressure on that free-spinning wheel to steer torque into the wheel on the ground (the wheel with the traction).

My only question - is the 90's ABS actuator able to create pressure or just remove it? (There are 4 line and 3 line(Rear as 1 line) ABS modules on 90)

I imagine a small ARM chip with input information from a ABS sensors in the front wheels applying individual brake pressure on the freely spinning wheel by closing the silenoids in the ABS and running the actuator in the oposite direction.

Part cost would be 20$ with some cables.
I got the wiring diagram.


Any information is welcome.