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Re 98 Colorado Auto Box



Morning all.
About 18mths ago my oil cooler became one with my radiator and water and
auto fluid ended up mixed in the box and radiator.
Anyway i fit new radiator and flushed out the gearbox with numerous gallons
of new fluid and cleaned the filter several times and this appeared to work
and has run very sweet since then.
Until last weekend 10 mile down the motorway stopped at the roundabout and
wouldn=92t drive again. As i was stopped for 10mins and started her up again
and managed 500 yds and no drive again. I managed to limp home like this.
After ringing round it would appear that the water has eventually
delaminated the friction plates in the gearbox and needs re conditioning.
Numerous more phone calls end up at somewhere between =A31400 and =A32000 for
complete job inc lab and torque converter.
So i trawled round the second hand market for a box and ended up with a
51000miler inc torque converter derived to my door for =A3282.00.
So my son is an apprentice mech and we borrowed the ramp at his works and
took out the box.
Not an easy task. We removed the transfer box first to remove some weight
and to make lighter handling Good idea as the transfer box is heavier than
the gearbox and it would seem the cross member would have been in the way.
Torque converter?? The new one when we cam to fit it the bolts appeared to
strip,,, not so the new one had different size holes so i ended up running a
10mm tap through them to clear the threads and cut some new bolts to suit,
plenty of loctite.

Now then does anybody know of an easy way to get the box back in. Any tips
would be gratefully received.
Once i get it up and running i will send the rest of the saga along with any
pitfalls i have found.

John Nelson

98 Poorly Colorado

Darwen Lancs.
Tel 07793 420092
01254 776065