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Re Amazon ownership



I have 2004 4.2td auto Amazon - and not just for the leather seats and Sat
Nav although useful.
The diesel gets around 24-26 mpg on the motorway and c.18-20mpg in town - I
have never got close to the claimed 29mpg in the brochure for motorway
The engine is great - although can be a bit throaty first thing when cold -
once its warmed up though its a fantastically easy cruiser. The other thing
with the diesel is that you don't have to stop to fill up so often and if
the garage has a lorry pump you can use that so it takes half the time to
fill the tank compared to petrol. Small things I know but you notice them.
The other thing about the engine is the fantastic torque which means even
for 2.5t once she is initially moving you can fair hustle along and the
automatic makes accelerating smoother compared to the manual - as well as
quicker. In terms of towing given the torque even with an dual axle Ivor
Williams on the back with 1.5 tons of straw she has no problem barely
breaking a sweat - as well as pulling trees out of the garden and friends
cars off muddy fields.
The only issue I am aware of with Landcruisers is the sensors going on the
automatic air suspension - I think the one you would be looking at has this.
The sensors aren't expensive to replace or difficult to replace but last
year Toyota had a dodgy batch so Amazons and Lexus RX300s all needed
replacing - they did lend me an LC5 for the month it took to ship the parts
in which was good of them but then it happened the week I got married - long
In terms of offroading it the only limitation I have come across is the tyre
choice and the longer wheel base obviously suffers compared to the SWB but
its the same for the RR.
Compared to the RR the split rear tailgate won't rust and the window fall
out and it has more seats - always useful when you have a lot of mates or
kids to transport from the pub/party.
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On 23/2/06 18:53, "Culwick, Mark" <[Email address removed]> wrote:
A lot of us on the list have vintage cars compared to yours. Mine's a 93 80
series, so in some ways long in the tooth but having said that I did buy it
for long journeys off-road. So far its been to France, Spain, the deep south
of Italy, and a long schlep into Morocco, Mauritania and Mali - just into
Mali. Strangely enough, the hardest drive was in Spain, in the mountains
behind Cazorla, on a 27km mountain track that was beautiful but rugged.
I think the great thing about this list is that people actually really like
their TLCs and that their reliability and strength is second to none. And
their is a massive knowledge base here too - everything from mods and
accessories to service, repair and finding parts. And a fair few overlanders
and difficult terrain people.
Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones
Mob: 07831 458 793
PS I'd like 2 cars really - mine and one like yours so that mine can become
a fully dedicated expedition car...