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Re Intercooler Posting



Hi all.
I replied to a posting by Dennis, 'Re Big end tapping noise' and although it 'went', I didn't receive it myself if you see what I mean.
Any ideas?
I have included the reply below, apologies if you did receive it previously.
Best Regards
Dermot Allen
>>Hi Dennis.
'Intercooler, fuelling adjustments and boost upgrade were
made by Jeremy Fearn in Derbyshire-
The cost was around =A3700. The intercooler is about two inches deep and close
to the ac condenser width-it just fits behind the front grill when you ditch
the rad blind.
Yes a BIG difference in power/torque and economy (35mpg).
When I picked up my truck, Jeremy insisted on taking me for a test drive
before I paid to ensure I was happy! 1 in 4 hill 1200rpm 4th gear, smoothly
floor it and there is a lovely whistle and she digs in and accelerates, big
smile! - I love steep hills!
Max power is quite impressive too.
Jeremy fitted a simple adjustable bleed valve so max boost can be adjusted
and I have fitted two 'Spa Design' gauges, which amongst other features
records max
boost. You have to be a little careful with how much boost you run
(currently 19psi), as apart from blowing the motor you risk wrecking the
thrust bearings or a turbine burst-not good. Oh and after a good thrash I
always give the turbine plenty of time to cool.
Interesting, I rarely hit max boost, you just leave it in top and enjoy the
So far very reliable (where's that wood to touch).- I've done about 20K
since the conversion. I do look after the engine, synthetic oil every 5-6K,
let it warm-up properly and I am about to fit an 'Autolube' (instant oil
pressure when the ignition is on) which should help the bigend bearing
Definitely the best mod 'I've' made/had done.
Unfortunately my injection pump is showing signs of wear (don't start
worrying Renate) which is unrelated to the upgrade, so I'm going to have to
remove it early next year for an overhaul.
Anybody got any advice/tips on pump removal/reinstallation on the 1HD-FT?
Dermot Allen
'97 1HD-FT
Norfolk (U.K.)
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Sent: Wednesday, December 01, 2004 8:12 AM
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> Howzit Dermot,
> I see you've got an Intercooler fitted - have you had it done through
> Allisport?
> Can you see a big difference in power / economy?
> Best Regards,
> --
> Dennis
> '96 1HD-FT