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Feb 14, 2024
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Hi All,
I'm James from Queensland Australia,
I bought my second 80 series, 1hdft 1995 gxl with 2" lift and 35"s, to build up for a tourer, Build to date, I have made an aluminium roof rack with roadrunner slats for mounting a bush company roof top tent with 2x180amp solar panels & their 270 max awning, shovel and some max tracks. I fitted a Marks hydraulic brake booster with extended 2,000psi brake hoses for the ABS with new p/s lines sweated into the p/s banjo. Fitted a Redarc 12v BCDC 50amp charger above the booster connected to, 2 insulated batteries and solar array. I had a kenwood 10.1 stereo fitted which connects to my phone mounted on a quad lock. 2 Redarc gauges for egt/boost, trans temp & dual battery/amps on pillar pod. LM2 a/f meter ordered.
I have fitted Superior engineering hyperflex 3" arms. Conversion from manual to new A750 (which is 3" longer) with prado tip tronic shifter mounted a derale hyper-cool trans cooler between the transfer and fuel tank with belly plates covering transfer and gearbox. New heavy duty radiator with copper tanks and low coolant alarm in tank, 3" exhaust, gturbo green wheel and as I don't like stacking coolers I cut a hole in the bonnet & fitted a bonnet scoop and a cross country ultimate top mount intercooler which brought the post egt's down 100c plus at 110kms on long test hill during summer with standard pump. Currently making a 79 series panel filer air box with stainless snorkel, I cut the chassis rails to fit a 13xp runva winch on 10mm angle and plate frame with recessed fairlead behind a spring loaded number plate and recessed stedi light bar with polycarbonate cover. Width of bull bar will depend on the wheel and flare upgrade, I wired up the winch with 2/0 battery cables to both batteries through a heavy duty battery isolator.
I'm currently looking for a aneroid pin for the pump as I have to remove the pump to fit a TPS bracket, so I'll do the pin while the pump is removed.


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