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Re long range fuel tank



I had Frogsisland fit a long range tank a month or so ago.
The filler is pipe is divided into two so that once the filler cap is taken off there is a choice to fill the main tank or the much larger long range tank.
>From the back it is only just visible and it seems unlikely to effect ground clearance.
There is a switch that allows fuel to be pumped from the long range tank to the main tank. There is another switch for the fuel gauge to switch between tanks, quite neat. It's an Australian import. I could find the name if anyone interested.
The tank is made of steel.
Alisport, somewhere near Gloucester will make a long range tank out of heavy duty aluminium and will fit it. I think they would be cheaper than most others. Alisport will also make water tanks at a lower price than I found elsewhere. Alisport struck me as a sort of 'can do' set up but I have no idea about quality of work.
I have not have long range tank long enough to know how reliable it will be. It hasn't fallen off or rattled yet.