Rear Wiper not working- is this common?


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I am in uk
Mar 1, 2010
N Hampshire
Rear wiper has beeing going a bit faulty recently- sometimes it works fine, sometimes it doesn't do anything.

Seem to be just not doing anything now!

Is this a common fault with a common fix? think ican hear a relay clikcing away but i can't work out where it is!
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Dave Burgess

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Apr 1, 2010
Didcot, Oxon
This has been discussed on the other side a few times, mine failed because the wiper arm shaft seized in its housing, though others have seen their motors seize.

Its probably best to remove the whole system, shaft, linkage and motor and see which bit needs attention, then get that bit from 'yota as anew bit... Most of our truck have done enough miles that a s/h is only going to be a false economy in a part like this.

After a strip, clean and lube, my wiper only worked another couple of thousand miles. I just disconnected the motor and plugged the hole where the shaft passes through the tailgate lid - never really missed the wiper as the de-mister didn't work either!


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Apr 27, 2010
you might be able to coax it back into life again without too much trouble. when i got my car it was seized, so i just switched it on and helped the wiper arm with my hand and added lube.

i then took the wiper arm off and sprayed more lube in and let it run without the wiper arm. finally, after reading about it on the internet, i lifted the tailgate and left the wiper on (without arm) and hit it with lots of lube so it was running in a shallow pool of it. i left it running for about 10 minutes and then reassembled. has been running fine for a few months now and is reasonably swift in operation.
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