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Rebuild of 2004 1HD FTE 78 Series Troopy for overlanding

So far so good - done one desert trip and they performed beyond expectations

I have run BFG MT's for the past 20yr and never found them noisy - the Radar Renegade have a slight hum on very smooth asphalt but dirt performance is very good
Thanks for replying, there's not a lot of feedback for the Radar tyres fitted to cruisers, they are of the few manufacturers that seem to supply the sizes I want in the correct load & speed ratings needed for my 200.
Latest Upgrades to "The Lorry"

I had extended (for the 50mm lift) stainless steel braided & reinforced brake lines installed to replace all the OEM rubber brake lines.
Front from chassis to axle and each front wheel caliper.
Rear from chassis to axle and each rear wheel caliper.
My Troopy has factory rear disks.
Also drained and replaced the brake fluid with DOT 5 brake fluid.
The rear brake load proportioning valve was also re-adjusted to cater for the 50mm lift.

The result was a significant increase in braking performance at an estimate, 25-30% better.

The next brake upgrade which will be done in Feb, is to fit the recently acquired 80 Series, dual diaphragm brake vacuum booster.
This will then complete the braking system upgrades.
BTW The Lorry - is already fitted was the front POWERBRAKE drilled and slotted disk rotors and sintered pads.

And,,, This is strange - I had just fitted the Racor diesel prefilter, but when I started removing the fuel lines from my existing diesel filter to extend them to the Racor filter, i noticed something i did not expect to see.....
This vehicle is fitted ex factory with 2 x Toyota diesel filters, a pre filter and a secondary filter. I subsequently removed the Racor unit as it is now redundant.
What’s the final weight? Thanks
Very nice Keith…. I must have missed it in the pics, but where’s the bed???
Just been back through the whole thread. I’m amazed at how much storage you have created, I have only a fraction of this in my build, mainly due to water and diesel tanks and a very large fridge freezer taking up most of one side.

I love the bumper, I’m waiting on an ECB alloy unit I found being painted with Raptor for me and will try and get a smoothish finish.
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Hi Gaz,, its been a long time

The roof pops up and that becomes the RTT

GEEZ Gaz you still flying the "bamba zonkhe" flag



The white one is Theo Marx - im sure you remember him.

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@Gr8Yota I have 100ltr of on board water
In the left hand side body panel there is a 30Ltr SS tank that gravity feeds to a tap in the rear bumper
In the right hand side body panel there is a 35Ltr SS tank that gravity feeds into a 40Ltr SS chassis mounted water tank that is pumped with 12V pump to the gas hot water geyser and a tap in the rear bumper, Inside the shower cubicle gullwing there is a water guage with a change switch that indicates Empty to Full for each side individually.

I also have three fridges:- The 40Ltr National Luna slides out the LHS behind the front passenger seat, and the 45Ltr Dometic slides and tilts down out of the rear LHS, and there is an 8Ltr center console fridge as well.

It also has a chassis mounted 10Ltr air tank fed by a 12V 390cfm Nardi Milspec air pump

All my Electrickery system like yours, is in the RHS body panel behind drives seat together with a 220AH Lithium ion Battery

During a recent 9 day desert trip some of the drawers were empty so yes definitely lots of pack space.



The center console fridge

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@Bmonck - Im scared to take the Lorry to a weighbridge then I can always plead ignorance but I think when fully packed, fuel and water its close to GVM of 3500kg
Looks great, and yup still flying the thief's flag. Just back from tiger hunting at Chirundu, awesome weather, lots of Cruisers, fishing a bit meh :)
Is the 1HD lump OE? I thought they were 1HZ only?
As mentioned on your thread, In 2003 Yota SA imported 15 of 78 Series to test the market, the model they imported was the 1HD FTE
Mine is one of the 15
Yota SA finally resolved to only import a version of the 1HZ - the only parts it has that I wish I had are the front and rear lockers

The 1GR doesn’t get diff locks either. I’m going to fit a rear elocker.
@Gary Stockton how good was the tiger hunting cos the water level is currently at its lowest level in years
My family still have a house at OliveBeadle (next to Msuna) on the River and water is currently 200mtr away from slipway

@Gr8Yota Yes I will also be fitting lockers in the not too distant future - will probably fit the Harrop E Locker
We were at Jetcha just downstream from Chirundu, on the way to Mana. Fishing wasn't great.... largest fish of the week was mine though, at 10.3lbs. Back in the river after the pic


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Last week we got back from 2 1/2 weeks in Trans Kgalagadi/Mabuasehube and Central Kalahari Game reserves in Botswana
The old "Lorry" didnt miss a beat in over 5500km round trip, except when a bag of firewood came loose on the roof rack, slid over the RTT, down the windscreen and popped (bust) the ball joint off the windscreen wiper mechanism which rendered the wipers unserviceable - unfortunately later in the trip we hit a typical African thunder storm downpour that made driving very sketchy to say the least.
Wiper mechanism has already been replaced.


Seen here with some of the "Lorry's" younger (1HZ) relatives




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"The Lorry" is presently in the shop getting a few upgrades...

I located an 80 Series Dual diaphragm brake vacuum booster this is now being fitted.
Front and rear Harrop (Terrain Tamer) E-Lockers
Im removing the Ironman front Coils, front shocks and rear shocks - and replacing them with a set of DCS Remote reservoir adjustable shocks and coils.
Its also having its 5000km Oil and filter change (Im a bit anal about doing oil and filter change every 5000km)

'The Lorry" has 2 sub (aux) tanks, the OEM 90ltr and an additional 60Ltr tank that gravity feeds into the OEM 90Ltr Sub (aux) tank.
During our recent trip to Botswana i noticed there was diesel sweat around the fitting where the OEM sub tank feeds into the secondary 60Ltr Aux tank.
So, both the OEM 90ltr tank and the secondary 60 Ltr aux tank are being removed for pressure testing and repairs.

I am also considering moving all my 12V Aux electrickery system, namely the Victron DC/DC charger, Victron MPPT, Victron Shunt, Victron Inverter, Victron 220/12 Batt charger as they are presently inside the side body panel behind the Drivers seat. The reason being, on the Botswana trip, one of my mates has an issue with his Victron DC/DC charger not working, and to gain access to work on it we had to remove the drivers seat. So i thought, , , , , if I ever have an issue and my system needs to be worked on - I will need a contortionist dwarf to gain access. So the plan will be to mount the electrickery system onto a plywood panel spaced and mounted onto the inside of the shower cubicle Gullwing.

The present position.

The plan is now to mount all the electrickery components onto the side of this Gullwing box
Lets hope it works.

The DCS remote reservoir adjustable shocks

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The DCS suspension looks interesting, not a brand I’ve come across. What are the parabolics rated at?