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1. Are the standard lashing down eyes strong enough for a recovery?
should I upgrade to something stronger?
This depends on the severity of the recovery. Light pulls to the O/E
point on the front will be fine, bogged down to the axles in gloopy mud
or clay particularly where an incline is involved I would have my
doubts. Any form of snatch recovery is a no no.
I assume you have a tow bar on the rear? If you haven't already done so
fit a combined ball AND pin hitch. Dixon Bate do them in 3.5 & 5 ton
rating. I have the 5 ton version on my 80, it has a larger diameter pin
and a 4 bolt fixing. Ensure all nuts and bolts are 8.8 grade.
The Nato towing eye is a good piece of kit for attaching recovery
cables etc to but you would need an interchanglable tow plate.
Your 95 has plastic covered bumpers? This may make fitting a
reinforced recovery point tricky. Scorpion Racing make some good swivel
recovery points, I have a pair on a winch bar on my 80 plus a pair of hi
lift jack points.
2. Is the Hi-Lift jack any use as an emergency winch, or is a there a
better option out there such as a Tirfor?
Lots of people don't like Hi lifts and I can understand why. Balancing
a vehicle on one does seem precarious. But they have their uses. I have
jacked up vehicles with them and then deliberately pushed them sideways
to get out of ruts. I have a 300mm square 40mm thick plywood base that I
sit my Hi lift on. You can also use a round adaptor on the jack to
engage a suitable jacking point if you get a winch bumper or sliders
Tirfor winches. Far more suited to vehicle recovery but check the
combined weight of the winch and the cable that is suited to recover
your vehicle as you have to carry them. Plus when you have finished you
have to coil up the winch rope and the tirfor- all now covered in the
mud you have just been stuck in - and put them back in your vehicle.
Remember the cable comes in 20m lengths so whatever solid body you are
pulling from has to be close, or you use 2 coils, twice the weight!
Getting a hi lift and / or a Tirfor is not the only thing you will
need. Consider bow shackles, tree strops, chains, ropes, jack pads,
shovel etc.
I would stongly advise anyone who wishes to learn about vehicle
recovery to read this:
It is lengthy but well worth it.
3. As I am planning on keeping the car for a long time, am I best to
at proofing the chassis?
I love waxoyl and rub it on nightly!!!!!!
Regards, Gareth Jones.