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Relative gearing



howzit julian, jon c-w, etal,
just arrived back in the uk and thought i'd pose a question to take my mind
off things:
i have a 1994 uk 4runner (model: kzn130r gkmsxw) (frame: 8001855) with the,
non ecu, 3.0 l turbo diesel engine (engine model: 1kz-t) (engine no. 1kz
0453393) and manual transmission and separate (2h, 4h, n, 4l) manual
transfer box. it came with 265/70 r15 tyres, ifs, add on the front axle and
a lsd on the rear. vin: jt111gnd008001855
info plate: c/tr/a/tm: 202 hy11 g285 r150 f
g = 8.0" rear diff (all us 4x4 4runners and pickups)
28 = 4.300 gearing (usual for us at, 225/75)
5 = 4 pinions (lsd)
a gear ratio of 4.300 is the "factory rated gearing" for 225/75 tyres, 4.556
is recommended for 31" tyres so i feel a little undergeared. currently i use
750 r16 michelin xzl's (i have also changed from 15" alloys to 16" steel lc
split-rims), so would you recommend re-gearing to: 4.56 and what
positive/negative effects would this have? would the fuel savings be made
primarily in long distance travel? i hardly ever reach speeds in excess of
110kmh (tar: most of the time: 60-80kmh, track etc: max 30kmh) as most of
the roads i use are full of potholes, so should i bother and is it a
financial reality? would re-gearing allow faster acceleration from a
standing start as my vehicle is very sluggish (it takes a lot to build up
some momentum as my wheels must be at least 40kg each) until it hits the
2000+ rpm band when the turbo kicks in?
j. "--" --
02476 440844
'94 kzn130 3.0td
ome hd suspension
rob's magic polybushes
safari snorkel (looks good but really only keeps out the dust!)
arb winch bullbar (still looking for an "affordable" winch solution)
5 core radiator (removed viscous clutch, fab'd new flange & hardwired fan)
twin batteries (split charge with manual switch over)
16" steel lc split rims
750/16 michelin xzl tyres
hilux surf swing-out spare wheel carrier
custom roofrack, luggage guard, light guards & rear window guard
have you got the car here with you?
did you drive... thought you lived in nairobi, my home town.
hdj81 with the usual suspects
I dont think it's woth the outlay of changing the gearing but you
should check some thing out. My son had a 3.0 Surf and it used to give
my Colorado a good run to 90 MPH.
Regards, Clive.
On 1/22/06, jeff watts <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Fred wrote...
well, anyway it was a hellovatlottastuff that reminded me i was a
pygmy in all this gearing know-how.
Fred, delighted to see you back and impressed that you refer to me in
the 'a' list too. howzit? well, all ok thanks and getting prepped fro
my next long run across the continent. so, as for gearing, i think
you have to decide if you want economy or performance, and you appear
little bothered in performance. it seems misplaced to discuss
performance when talking about a 4wd. (except for a range rover sport
of course). but this is something that has been brought home to me
since owning my pajero.
till i bought it three years ago, i was just used to my 4runner and
then my own 80, apart from a host of other 4wd's at work. but i found
that the pajero strangely spun its back wheels whenever i took off at
a junction, this i never did with all the others - not even the
infamous rav4 ! i am not the go faster type, being much the wrong
side of 50. (though younger at heart thanks to having a much younger
wife, but i digress.) but the fuel gauge soon told me that this 2.5td
paj burned more fuel than my 4.2 non-turbo 80. i had not realised the
significance of it being an ex jap market model.
i then found out, thanks to the paj club, that mitsi put a low ratio
diff into their home market pajeros unless specified. hence the wheel
spinning performance and 25-27'ish mpg. a uk market shogun is much
better on fuel apparently. i would rather have no tyre wearing fuel
consuming wheel spinning, and have more economic benefits. so do you
really want faster acceleration in a 4wd that is not used as a
performance car? i don't think the combined weight of your wheels
makes much difference - after all, what do 3 passengers weigh?
does that make sense Fred?
grand union canal
'92 hzj80 ex un surplus from bosnia - with new swivel seal today