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[RENATE] [CHAT] Quick Poll / N.A.



Does I.T. monitor everything? Even your sent items? Eish, I'd hate to be
your boss at review time ;-)
But if he's signing your 70 hour / week timesheets, who's complaining?
We're planning on a North African trip October '05, maybe via Toy80 in
Sarajevo to stock up on parts.
A shot in the dark - but I think it would be great to get some members
playing in the warm sand, so to speak. The last time we went we saw about 20
Spanish contenders doing their version of a mini rally. There's some great
off-road routes that traverses the width of Morocco, all detailed in Chris
Scott's excellent book available on <>
It would be great camaraderie to do a few stages together (Salisbury Plains
was a great starter!), camp under the stars, and share stories around a camp
Anyone interested, or is it too far down south for most?
Best Regards
Dennis, London - a summer's day, the complete opposite from the Scottish
1 HD-T, 1HD-FT
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