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Replacing front window winder motor


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Feb 24, 2010
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Guys, I have had some challenges in my time and overcome adversity with nothing more than a toothpick and a damp flannel, but today I tried to get the motor out of the front passenger window mechanism. After spending a jolly hour covered in black sealant and grease, I gave up and bolted it together for another day. In the end, after nearly facing the guillotine several times, I had to admit defeat with my fingers still attached. My final analysis was that perhaps I had to undo the last two bolts that held the actual glass onto the bottom rail. What I do with the glass is still a mystery, but any advice would be gratefully received. The motor is tired but working just. Back two are tolerable having fitted new rubbers. Driver's side is alright for an old car. But the nearside is pretty poor. Even with new rubber. When I got the car, the back two motors had been replaced (used one I think) and the old units were tossed in the boot. So this morning over a latte, I built one decent one out of two sh@gged up ones. It seems to run ok. Bit of play in the pinion, but good as a spare. Front one might suffer a little tlc once off and be another spare, but only if I can get the DAMN THING OUT!!

unbolt the glass, and lift it out of the door - upwards and angle it - it does come out (even with the big wind deflectors i have (well ok its a squeeze with them).

then getting said motor out is possible. followed the same route you did first time - resorted to looking at fsm and working out best method.

good luck!±
Ahh right. Then you pull the whole mechanism out through the big hole in the door then?