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Replacing swivel seals



How big a job is it to replace the felt and rubber swivel seals on the CV knuckles?

is it a case of the whole assembley coming off the axle or are they split so that they can be replaced in situ?

has anyone found a good tool for getting out the inner axle seal (that seals the CV housing from getting contaminated with diff oil)? one side of mine is leaking likea good un and its very very annoying=2C not to mention very smelly when i brake hard!
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Morning James,
It is possible to replace the swivel seals without removing the steering knuckle, however if you have a leak there it is usually indicative of some other problem, like the inner axle seal going.
To replace them without removing the steering knuckle, cut the felt and rubber seals and try to keep the cut pointing up. Having said that if you already have the CV out and are replacing the inner axle seal it is sensible to go the extra length and remove the steering knuckle to do the job properly - you can do this easily by undoing the four nuts at the bottom of the knuckle holding on the steering arm and then lifting the knuckle off the bell (once you have undone the swivel seals).
As for removing the inner axle seal, you should be able to pick up a seal puller from your local motor factors - something like
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