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rights of way



I commend on what u're trying to do.
Certianly losing rights of way has been an ongoing histroical issue with
lots of reasons.
Often its just lack of use and lose of knowlege about the track and a farmer
ripping it up and include it onto his field.
I believe more public protest is in order and is needed but as its a very
low minority usage I don't think u'll get very far with it.
(Look at hunting with foxes and all the support that had but still lost or
will - from a falconer!)
My belief is the best resort is thru the legal system and sue the local
authority for taking away rights that are given and should be defined by
law. Issue there is cost (got any 4x4'ers that are lawyers and gave offer
free legal advice) and clarity on the legal aspects. I think the legal
foundation is good but more problems due to lack of definition on where the
route is and type of access. Here u often need histocial interest to be able
to give extra info on how far back it was used, by whom, horses, carriages
etc. etc. So u may end up becoming a historian as well as a legal guru!
Best of luck from an Irishman in Colorado who's lived in England and
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I'd thought I'd poll you all on the rights of way issue in the UK. First
a little background. I don't use my Bruiser off road much. I bought it
to tow my motorcycle which I both race and trail ride on byways so I am
quite active on byways and RUPPs etc. One by one the government and
councils are closing them down. Nearly always specious reasons are given
that do not stand logical scrutiny. Behind it is the belief of the
authorities and general public that the only place vehicles should be is
on tarmac. The authorities encourage the public to believe this by the
appalling lack of clarity on signing and information.
Anyway hearing of yet another unnecessary byway closure I'm sick of it.
The reasons given were spoiling pedestrian and equestrian peace and
enjoyment. Well I cycle and cars spoil my enjoyment but as I'm on a road
I have to put up with it. In fact when I drive the other motorists are
spoiling my enjoyment but I have never seen that as a reason to expect
them to be banned!
Anyway how do you guys feel in the 4x4 world?
We are thinking of 2 things a possible demo in London next year before
the election and if Labour and Alun Michael who is driving much of this
is re-elected a possible days of civil disobedience when we will ride
footpaths etc. Ok impossible in a 4x4 and harder to avoid plod if he
turns up in a big vehicle. We really feel with only a rapidly
diminishing 5% of trails open to vehicles it's out of order to be trying
to ban us. The Ramblers have 95% vehicle free and the right to roam for
crying out loud.
So what are the feelings in the 4x4 world?