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RTE Smokey diesel



Peter wrote...
A Pajero caught my eye (yes I know, sorry!). K reg, VERY clean and tidy
inside and out, low mileage (apparently) and a low price tag so I went and
asked for the keys.
Started fine and runs fine if a little clattery, everything seems to work.
However, at idle the exhaust was a little smoky - pale grey smoke, not a lot
but noticeable. Next to nothing once the revs went up. In general is it
normal for a diesel to be smoky at idle? Or am I better leaving well alone?
Peter, some might remember that my 'UK vehicle' is a 2.5td Pajero, so
you are forgiven for mentioning the name ;-) . (Currently laid-up as
I am enjoying driving the 80 whilst its in the UK). I have had it for
about 7 years and it has at times remained stationary for months on
end whilst I am on mission. But I appear to have a 'good' one. The
marque has a bad head problem in that they tend to warp beyond
rectification by skimming, quickly followed by cracking, though some
just crack and then warp (so I am told but it sounds a bit 'chicken
and egg'). This affects all the diesels through to the end of the 2.8
intercooled engine. There are a lot around on car sales pitches,
especially those that don't know about the problem. It sounds very
much as if it has the first signs of at least head gasket leak and at
worst cracked head. Apparently this is one problem not encountered
when they come off the boat after a few years graft in Japan. Its the
lack of care and observant maintenance by the new British drivers !
Otherwise they are made as well as the Toyotas except that they don't
have the high clearance and raw grunt that we all like from the latter
It sounds as if you missed a bargain TLC by the way. A rebuilt
gearbox and clutch at worst, for 1500 quid, and you will be good for
another 400,000 miles.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus