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Rust Repair - New Rear Cross Member, Body Chassis Mounts, painting, etc.


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May 28, 2014
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Here's pics of the rest of the welding work done on my 120 at same time as the sills in my other thread. Took a while, only in the middle of the painting stage now at last.

My 120 had very rusty inner sills, a rotten rear cross member and rear body mounts. We also welded a piece over the top of the 2nd rear most chassis member. Also, some of the floor is a bit rusty but it's ok for the time being, I might weld in a few little patches from the inside or jsut fibreglass them even, there's just a couple little holes behind under the mud gaurd / wheel arch piece inside, so you can't actually see any of the little holes in the floor inside.

The best part of this crusier regards good metal is the rear axle, I can't believe how good the turrets and brackets on it are, etc...

I cleaned the whole mid to rear section of the crusier with a air needle descaler tool, best tool I ever bought. As good as sand blasting imo. :)

I painted all the cleaned areas with Owatrol oil rust inhibitor, oil based, I've used it on my 90 series years ago and am happy with it's performance.

Then I gave it a coat of Owatrol black metal paint tonight, not finished yet, I've to get a spray to spray it into the cavity areas. I cut the "cover" end plates off the rear of the chassis and put a long wire with chains on the end up the chassis frame to clean it's inside. Robbed this idea from youtube. Also, cut out and replaced some sections of metal at the very rear of the chassis where the body mounts weld to.

I'm debating if to apply waxoyl over the black paint but undecided on this.

I'm leaving it at this for now regarding metal work, if wanted to, the floor could probably do with some patches but I need a break. Gonna clean the front chassis and wheel arch sections and rust proof them when all the current paint is dry.

Feel free to comment on my body rust, floor rust, etc... I'm hoping they last a few yrs before needing work, but would be interested to hear how folk went about repairing the body itself around the mounts, I assume it's a body off or high body lift job at least?






Just last few pics.
I'll be finishing painting it over this bank holiday weekend, need to get a spray paint to reach the awkward areas, done everything with a brush so far. And hopefully have it somewhat back together, fit tank, exhaust, rear bumper and new lights and brackets, new fuel filler pipe, side steps, trim, mudguards, etc, etc,,,




Good job. Having spent the week under my 90 doing similar things I can appreciate the work that you've put in.
Nice job. Where did you get your cross member? Oddly that's about the one bit of my chassis and rear body that isn't rotten.
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Thanks. I did look there before, remember you mentioning them. Notice they have full, galvanised chassis. Never seen those for sale anywhere before.