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Sadly for sale - 1997 Landcruiser Prado 3.0TD


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Sep 21, 2012
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Hi and welcome to regrettably the for sale advert for my much loved Toyota Landcruiser Prado VX (KZN95).

Unfortunately due to a change in circumstances over the last year (buying a house and no longer using my track car) the Landcruiser is no longer seeing any action other than a few miles to work and back each day.

I brought the Landcruiser from a owners club locally a few years ago and had kept an eye out for the right one for a while before buying as I wanted a low mile, good spec model with good history that had been looked after and having kept up with it all myself hopefully it can do the next owner proud too.

It’s a 1997 TX model 3 litre diesel model with 5 seats. It was first registered in the UK in December 2002 and since than has had 3 owners.

Being a non smoker and non pet owner it’s not full of the smell of smoke or the sight of dog hairs and has always had a seat cover fitted to the driver seat.

Having now done 160,000 kilometers (just under 100,000 miles) as you would expect the engine, gearbox suspension and body are still in very good condition for its age (1997).

Engine wise it had the 3.0TD fitted like the UK model but has the added bonus of the top mounted intercooler as its an import which I found gave it a little more power and found it was smoother to drive than UK models from when I was viewing vehicles.
In the time ive had the vehicle it’s had the oil, oil filter and fuel filters changed yearly with good quality parts and oil.
The engine has no leaks, no odd noises and requires no topping up of any fluids.

The automatic gearbox and transfer box are quiet, change gears smoothly and all had an oil changes when I purchased the vehicle. The automatic gearbox had its oil flushed aswell as changed as a precaution.

The differencials also had oil changes at this time with the correct oils as they were of unknown age and quality.

Externally it cleans up very well for a 19 year old vehicle although it does have a couple of small dents around it and stone chips to the front. Unfortunately the front bumper has a slight scuff to the corner and the rear bumper has a pair of small holes. The folding mirrors and electric aerial both operate as they should.

Internally everything works as you would expect on a 90's Toyota and being an import there are alot of things !. The air conditioning is icy cold, the double din headuint operates as it should (it has built in dvd player, satnav, rear parking camera and USB connectivity all of which can be operated by remote if needed). Even the genuine Toyota carpet mates all are still there and in good condition. There are a few scratches to the plastic but at the same time its 19 years old !

Accessories fitted include a Thatcham Approved Toad category 1 alarm and immobiliser (with two keys, two remotes and fitting certificate), towbar with 7 pin electrics, rear window tinting and genuine Toyota wind deflectors.

Mechanically the vehicle is good. All the tyres are of a good brand are wearing evenly and have lots of tread left. The brakes were all replaced last month (front and read brake discs and pads along with a brake fluid flush).

When I purchased the vehicle I was aware of the couple of problems that these do suffer with so instantly set to preventing them rather than fixing them.
To do this the vehicle had a full service (all oils and filters possible). Laos the cooling system was all flushed and refilled with new coolant along with the viscous fan being reoiled.
I then fitted two discreet VDO temperature gauges - one for the automatic gearbox oil and one for the engine coolant so I could keep an eye on things a bit closer.
I also replaced the steering rack with a rebuilt one to which I fitted new bushes, track rods and track rod ends too had had a full wheel alignment carried out. AT the same time the front anti roll bar links were replaced.
The front propshaft had replacement universal joints last year due to slight play in the front joint. Had the front wheel balanced at the same time.
The battery was replaced last summer due to age more than lack of voltage / non starting.
Last month all the brakes and brake fluid was replaced along with all the wiper blades.

Included with the vehicle is the old steering rack for spare parts, the original CD only double din headunit and anything else that I have that ive kept over the years (having moved house I don’t really know what ive got and where currently).

The paperwork for the vehicle includes all the MOTs since being imported in 2002, the previous owners history (cambelt change, brakes, tyres, AC servicing, engine servicing, brakes, towbar fitting, alarm fitting with certificate etc), the HPI check paperwork, the importation paperwork

In my head I don’t want to sell the Landcruiser as it’s been the most reliable vehicle ive ever owned but with its current lack of use its such a waste and it’s doing it no good. It really needs someone who can use it more and carry on the good upkeep that myself and the previous owners have done and if you do that you will have a vehicle that will last you many more years at very little cost.

The MOT runs out at the end of July however ill be getting a new MOT for the new owner as im that confident it will pass.

Any questions or inspections welcome however please bring proof of insurance if you wish to test drive.

Thanks for viewing and reading if you got this far :)

Im in no rush to sell so whilst being open to sensible offers id prefer them to be made in person rather than by people that have not even viewed in person.

So finally the price for the vehicle - £3500ono






Nice looking truck better than uk models but no rear difflock . Good luck with the sale PP .

I bet Sag is curled up in a corner sucking his thumb right now :lol:
Cheers Shayne - tis a shame but as in the advert ive no real need for it anymore :(
I can just see poor old Sag right now, throwing the rope over the beam.................:lol:
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looks like a great truck, all the best for the sale!
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Me too :(

That is one nice looking truck, someone will get a good buy there - one on a forecourt locally for £5,500 !

Took a deposit on it Saturday so just getting somesmall repairs done tomorrow and should be leaving me Thursday :(
Someone got themselves a good looking truck...
New owner has just driven off in it - never felt so sad about selling a car as its been so reliable and been through many life events with us :(