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Seat covers JB !



Hey JB, so you think sheepskin seat covers will be good but can't get them?
You are dead right, the '96 80 I bought for the office in the summer came
with them fitted. I thought they were fur fabric at the time and they
looked somewhat scruffy. But my office manager saw they were sheepskin and
took them home and washed them in hair shampoo (not sure if it was Elvive
or Wella ;-) ). And what a difference. They were a very mucky shade of
olive green and now they are closer to apple green, and nice to sit on even
when you get in and out through the day with a wet coat on.
So they are available JB, maybe here cos we have a lot of sheep (especially
whole skins after the Islamic festival of Ede!). We have a very good
trimmer here whom I have to see soon to get a fitted carpet for the 80, as
I am fed-up with the military plastic matting which is collapsing under
foot. I will ask him if he does them and get a price if he does.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia



Hi There Jon
The Problem is not getting the seat covers but the cost. I have nearly
narrowed it down to a few places either in the US or AUS, but they have to
be custom made to fit. This drives the cost up a good bit but the pre made
are only a near fit and when I hear off a near fit, should fit universal fit
and look at the price and dig deeper into it you realise that you pay for
what you get. Cheap means cheap and a sloppy fit, nothing as bad. The
cruiser seats are a little different in that the back is longer than the
seating part is long so a little awkward to get a pre made. I think like
every other idea I have it will have to wait for a while but at least by
then I will have all the info. Its amazing the amount of searching one has
to do to find the right stuff because most will sell you anything and its
certainly a case of buyer beware. I have also found very honest people out
there who take pride in what they do and what they sell. Jon we have a lot
of sheep here but where the hell the skins are I dont know. You would think
that in this cold and damp counrty not as cold as where you are I know, but
still nobody has these covers here. In saying that I have been very
fortunate to have this list to gain knowledge from genuine people who are
really interested in sharing and I really mean that. I would like to do more
tech things with the cruiser rather than bothering with some of the things I
have in mind but the back is still a big problem for me, I tried to look at
the antenna cable under the dash the other day and had to give up how stupid
is that.
Thanks Jon and if you see your man about the pelts thanks again.
John C
92 HDJ 80 1HD-T Auto Ireland