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Shock absorbers



Roderick wrote...
Has anyone any experience of shock absorbers from Birmingham Motor
Parts? At =A335 + VAT they seem awfully cheap and I don't want to change
them again after 12 months. My truck hits the bump stops too often
(ordinary driving) for my liking so I was wondering if I need to change
the springs as well. The situation is not helped by the lpg tank hanging
over the back of the rear axle but that is offset some what by
having removed the 2 rear seats which are quite heavy.
Any advice would be helpful.
Roderick, you could be forgiven for thinking this
was a PC forum but we do have the occasional
conversation about TLC's. Good firm, also known
as Japanese 4X4 and the man who knows all the
answers there is Phil Blake. I have bought spares
for both my 80 and my Pajero from them,
mechanical parts like Birfields, disc pads, disc
caliper and shox. I bought a set of shox for the
Pajero at a good price. Phil told me they were
made by the OEM manufacturer but came in the OEM
box and not Mitsi. He was right. The shox were
identical to the Mitsi OEM's and had identical
markings all round, including the 'Mitsi' logo !
They have done me well since, also the Birfields for my 80.
So go for it.
Sorry I can't make any suggestions about the
springs except that they sound near the end of
their life. They all sag in the end just like humans unfortunately.
Tring, Herts
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus


Thanks for that it gives me some confidence in them. Yes the forum has
got very "PC" over the past few days be careful what you say!
I can cure the sagging springs with new ones but i'm afraid there's no
cure for my sagging sadly!
'97 Colorado 3.4i LPG
toyj80 wrote: