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Should I Wrap My 100 series?


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Mar 31, 2015
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So i have a 2002 100 series and its got a few spots on it where the paint has been chipped off and the metal is beginning to rust underneath it. Now i love driving my LC and i want it to last as long as it can. I recently learned about vinyl wraps and thought that might be a good idea to just sand off the rust and put a wrap over the entire vehicle instead of repainting the whole truck because it be more cost efficient and i can take it off if its the right wrap. Can anybody tell me why or why not this would be a good idea compared to repainting and also any recommendations on some good quality wrap brands that wont necessarily break my budget
Given the reasons why you're considering wrap, my advice would be to repair and paint.

Wrap applied to rusty panels won't stop the rust, which will continue to eat the panel away beneath the wrap.

Often, a good body shop painter will be able to blend spot and patch repairs into the original paint successfully. Depending on their prices, it may or may not be feasible to have whole panels or even the whole truck re-sprayed, but it would have to be in really bad condition to need it.

You may be surprised as to how well the original paint will restore, given the right treatment.

On the other hand, I had my 80 re-sprayed, because the original paint had been badly treated and the number of boodge panel repairs I had re-done properly, covered most of the surface area of the truck!

It was such a nice job they'd done, I didn't want to damage the paint offroad, so I took the decision to clear wrap it to protect the new paint job.

2 years on, after a lot of scratchy off-roading, I have no issues with how the wrap has performed, where its shown scratch marks, they polish out and it hasn't peeled off. The paint is "as new" underneath.

Of course I paid the price for the repairs, the new paint and the wrap, but I have my money's worth IMO.
I'd use a wrap to preserve great paintwork, but if youi have imperfections, as mentioned I'd get it done correctly.