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100 series

  1. S

    Day 1 of ownership - leaking fuel tank

    Hi all, Just put 5 quids worth of petrol in the v8 and 4 quid of it went on my trainers. I need a new tank. I was thinking of calling around the breakers but found this at Milners. I think it is fairly reasonably priced. Has anyone used this kit before...
  2. Nguruve

    Heavy Steering

    Hello All, Just wondering if anyone has any pointers for a recent development on my 100. Yesterday the steering went quite heavy / lumpy. As you turn the steering wheel, the power steering seems to pulse slightly. If you turn, then let go of the wheel, the power steering only partially...
  3. J

    5x Toyota Land Cruiser 16x8 5x150 PCD Steel Wheels (42611-60200) for 70, 100 and 105 Series.

    I have 5x 16x8" OEM Toyota steel wheels for sale on eBay. These are the heavy duty 105 series wheels, 5x150 ET0 but will also fit 70 Series (post 1999, I think). Four wheels were fitted on my 79 and used for less than 5000 miles. The fifth is brand new. Excellent condition but some very...
  4. White Amazon

    Replacement Alternator suggestions for 4.7 petrol

    Hi all, I need to replace the alternator on my 2006 LC100 4.7 petrol Over £700 from Toyota. I’m thinking “Blueprint” for £250 ish. Any thoughts/suggestions. Refurbing is not an option unfortunately
  5. ReubenHunter

    New tank and cradle needed...

    Need a new tank and cradle for my 55 plate 100 series. Tank leaks from the seam. I can use it for now but needs replacing. The cradle needs replacing too and I need the fittings, seals etc. Just looking for some advice as to sourcing these parts. Online searches don't seem to throw up many...
  6. N

    100 Series Stalling at Altitude

    Hey all. Live in Denver. Recently on trips to the mountains my 100 series is stalling out at high elevation. 11-12k feet in elevation. It's not an overheat it just shuts off. Driving at sea level runs seamlessly. Hoping someone can diagnose for me. Cruiser is in near perfect condition.
  7. M

    Looking to Buy a Land Cruiser 100 Series 2003+ Automatic! Anyone selling!!

    Dear Members, I'm looking to buy a landcruiser 100 series, automatic. I prefer 2003, and I want wish for it to be below the 200k mark in terms of mileage. I am based in Kent, Medway, I am happy to travel to pick it up, however, I prefer if it's closer! I am no expert in 4x4's, nor am I a...
  8. Slartybart


    Evening all, for those in the Northern hemisphere. Currently driving a ‘new to me’ 20 year old (2002) LandCruiser across Europe. She’s a magnificent beast, cruising along the motorway like she’s brand new. Many thanks to the previous owner for kitting her out. Questions and pleas for help from...
  9. C

    100 Series Bull Bar Options ?

    Hi, I am currently searching for a s/h winch compatible bull bar to fit to my "01 solid front axle 100 series. I am just wondering whether something off an 80 or 105 series will fit without modification. or if I need to source something specifically built for the 100 solid axle. Cheers
  10. Bodie

    Rear Bumper Spare Wheel Carrier!

    Just noticed this on Ebay and one of the images shows a rear single spare wheel carrier, which looks like it's been fitted to the standard 80 Series rear bumper. The problem is, the photo is not brilliant and looks...
  11. mitalm

    SOLD - Land Cruiser Amazon 100 Series For Sale in London, UK. Overland/4x4 Equipment Also Available

    The time has come to sell our beloved Land Cruiser. It was purchased to use as an overland travel vehicle and served us perfectly and without fault during a 4-month 10,000 mile road trip through Europe, the Balkans and Turkey. Prior to the road trip this year it was given a service, fluids and...
  12. GrahamR

    Brake booster motor gasket

    Hi guys, Does anyone know of a suitable replacement for the gasket that goes between the brake booster motor and the pump itself? It's not a separate part on the booster motor diagrams. Curious what others have done when having their motors rebuilt? Cheers, Graham
  13. B

    75 series engine conversion....

    So here’s an update on my 75 series conversion. As some of you know, I’m dropping a 2UZ into it. So far, firstly, it fits The first issue, not thought about, is the radiator.. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what will fit, which would suit a 2UZ, that isnt custom. Also, for the people...
  14. F

    Considering buying a 100 series

    am in Fiji and I’m considering buying a 100 series land cruiser which is a 1998 model with around 400,000 km (250,000 miles ) and is selling for $25,000 fjd ($12,000 USD) the vehicle does look in great condition and is modified and loaded with accessories such snorkel, roof rails ,3 inch lift...
  15. H

    Alternator change electrical problem.

    Hi guys (and maybe girls)! This is my first post to a forum, so apologies in advance if I have placed this thread in the wrong place. My problem starts with my 100 series Landcruisers alternator holding less voltage than usual; signifying that it needs to change. Everything else was working...
  16. GrahamR

    Corroded filler pipe replacements/alternatives/mods?

    Hi everyone, My filler pipe is fairly corroded, (caught before it rotted right through anywhere though) and I'm loathe to replace it with a whole new £100+ pipe. It was a nightmare to get out, seemingly fitted in the factory before the body went on... I dread to think how difficult a new one...
  17. GrahamR

    HDJ100/1HD-FTE Turbo exhaust flange

    Hi guys (and girls if there are any on here?), I'm trying to source a suitable (preferably stainless) 3 hole flange (yes yes... queue dirty jokes) for my 100 series turbo. I've ordered an exhaust from Oz and it's got the 4 hole flange on the dump pipe... Apparently all HDJ100's over there have...
  18. GrahamR

    100 Series Plug-in Tuning Modules

    Hi Guys, I had a quick search on various threads in relevant forums but couldn't really find a great deal of info on plug in boxes for the 1HD-FTE. I'm looking at a custom 3" SS exhaust and possibly Allisport intercooler, if SWAMBO/purse-string holder can be convinced...! Not keen on pushing...
  19. GrahamR

    HDJ100 - Refurb before expeditions

    Hi everyone, Great forum, I've got some brilliant help from existing posts on here. This thread is a progress log of work to date... partly for me, partly as a place to post head scratching moments during the process and hopefully tap into the wealth of knowledge on here... 2002 Land Cruiser...
  20. D

    Hdj100 engine power surging

    Hey guys ive got a 100 series landcruiser I need help finding a fault. Ive got a hdj100 with a 1hd-fte manual transmission. Ive got a problem when i drive over bumps the engine cuts in and out. Sort of feels like engine surges. It also does it if i change gear a little bit to hard and make the...
  21. D

    2000 Model 100 series..HDJ100R

    How many Kilometers is to much..I have 630 000 K's and have not yet touched injectors..if the cruiser doesn't blow any smoke and the fuel economy is still good, should I be happy to press on with pushing her to a million k's..And yes I get what preventative maintenance can do but the 100 series...
  22. G

    Will a 100 1HZ Series Air Con kit fit 75 series 1HZ

    My 1997 75 Series Land Cruiser didn't come with an air con nor mounts so its been a bit of a struggle looking for one from wreckers etc for a decent price. I came across a 100 series 1HZ Air Conditioning kit with the brackets and all and was wondering if it'd fit my 75 series or do the 1hzs...
  23. Newguy100


    I'm new here, and mainly looking for advice. My car was destroyed a few months ago in hurricane Micheal that hit Florida and I've dragging my feet looking for a replacement. I've finally landed on getting an 02-06 Land Cruiser. This car might see a trail once or twice a year when my wife and I...
  24. CountryBoy136

    Yet ANOTHER 100 Series Draw Build - Advice Welcome Please

    So, with December almost upon us and hopefully some time off to potter... started final planning for a rear drawer storage system for my 100 series. I'd say from the outset that this is not intended as a hard core expedition storage system, but instead drawing from my own experience of these...
  25. S

    Soon-to-be 100 Series owner...

    Hello knowledgable people... I've just posted an introduction in the usual place. Medium time lurker, finally signed up! After a recent stream of Audi/BMWs and getting my 4x4 fix from work trucks, I've decided to sell my 330d and look for a late 100 series to hopefully enjoy for many years...
  26. S

    Future 100 Series Owner

    Hi everyone. I've been a lurker here for a few months and am hoping to take the plunge soon on a 100 Series LC. Currently driving a BMW F30 330d, and it just isn't quite cutting it for me... Having read every interesting looking 100 series forum thread back to about 2012, I thought I might as...
  27. Jcromar80

    leveling or Lift

    All, Do you know if anyone makes a leveling kit for 1999 Land Cruiser. I was looking for something in the 2 inch range. If not I guess I'll go with a lift. I'm Open to any ideas on the best Lift kit option for this year LC. Thanks. @Jcromar80
  28. thelostscott

    Replacement of standard battery set-up (100 Series)

    Hi all, I need of recommendations for suppliers and battery types to replace the batteries in a standard engine bay set-up in my '98 100 series. Knowledge in this area is limited so not really sure what to look out for. Apologies for the vagueness and thanks in advance.
  29. SlyBeast

    Looking for a boot liner with 3rd row seat holes

    Good day all, I'm a new 100 series owner (2004 model), and am looking for a boot/cargo liner with holes for the 3rd row seat fastening points. Are these available, or is there a better option? Many thanks in advance for any help. Thanks, David
  30. D

    Suspension fix for 100 series 2001 LC with Automatic Height Control

    I've just bought a 2001 4.2 diesel Amazon with AHC in Pakistan. The vehicle has 130,000 miles on poorly-maintained Pakistani roads (if the meter hasn't been put back) but seems to have been fairly well cared for. The ride is a bit jarring - a slight shimmy in the steering, and roughness in the...
  31. Silviu

    HDJ 100 check engine diagnostic tools

    Hi, I've been experiencing the check engine light twice now, one time last week and after disconnecting the battery it went away. Now, last night just as started it the check engine light went on again. Can you please help me figure out what tools I need? Thank you!
  32. Letho100

    2001 - 100 Series Auto Transmission Issues

    Hi Guys, only just found this forum, what an awesome collection of knowledge there is on here!!!! Obviously my first post but I've got an issue with my auto trans in our 100 series. It's the 4.2 Factory turbo diesel model and the problem is only intermittent though most often when the car is...
  33. StarCruiser

    Familiar looking 100 near me…

    looks like this dealer is really trying it on knowing what @Werneroeder was asking.
  34. StarCruiser

    Nice looking 100 V8 with issues

    I've had this on my watch list for a while. I'm thinking it's a tad pricey as it is listed with a head gasket fault which it may have or maybe the result of the gas conversion if it doesn't have valve oiling? Only a pipe dream for me but it's got my interest. Any thoughts...
  35. Simon Scott

    Advice for 100 series garage repair.

    Hello, I recently purchased a 2000 landcruiser with 200,000 on it. Its in incredibly good shape for the year and overall I'm happy with my purchase. Since owning it, I have had to replace the rear pads, rotors and starter motor and have all the fluids redone. Prior to the starter motor fix...
  36. Silviu

    Wanting to have a land cruiser for overlanding

    Hi, I'm Silviu, a romanian based in Bucharest, hoping soon to be an overlander. I got here in my current quest of buying a car for overlanding, planing to do PanAmerica. As I'm looking for the car I keep seeing Land Cruisers all around and by now I got to know most of the models. On my way to...
  37. J

    Low Oil Pressure in 1998 100 Series

    Hey guys, new LC 100 series owner here. I purchased a 1998 100 series with 120,000 miles on it, it looks brand new, perfect condition. HOWEVER I noticed my engine is idling low and the oil pressure gauge is not even registering. I read the owners manual and I know it tends to read low but it's...
  38. R

    100 series ca it heater problems

    Need help my 100 series has a problems with the cabin heater heater works fine if ambient temp about around 8 c if any colder the heater stops working , water pipes etc still hot , elect diagram shops an external ambient temp sensor but have not been able to find this to test it, has anyone...
  39. R

    Should I Wrap My 100 series?

    So i have a 2002 100 series and its got a few spots on it where the paint has been chipped off and the metal is beginning to rust underneath it. Now i love driving my LC and i want it to last as long as it can. I recently learned about vinyl wraps and thought that might be a good idea to just...
  40. R

    How to take care of rust? (pictures included)

    So i have a couple spots on me 100 series where the paint has chipped off and its starting to rust. Any tips on how i can get rid of the rust, or at the very least prevent it from getting worse. Also is there any way i can fix/repaint the spots where the paint is gone, without having to repaint...
  41. R

    What do these controls in my Land Cruiser mean?

    So i recently just got my license and my dad is letting me drive his 2002 100 series. so i have some questions about the 4 wheel drive controls. So there's the Main gear stick to put it in Drive, Park, Neutral etc. on That stick theres also a 2 and an L. can anybody tell me what those are for...
  42. R

    100 series upgrade question (should i do it or not)

    Hey guys so I was recently handed down my fathers 2002 100 series with a 4.7l v8 and my question is whether or not I should spend my time and money on it by buying parts and upgrading it to a more off road capable vehicle. It has a little over 220,00 miles and is in pretty good condition. its...
  43. N

    100 series high idel- 2001 IAC valve..

    Hello gentlemen, first post. i have an issue with my 2001 GXL 100 series with a 1fz-fe motor. ( live axel) my engine light was on and I got it check by Toyota which was diagnosed as being a faulty IAC valve, (idel control valve) I replaced and the engine light has since extinguished. Although...