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Sorry for the delayed reaction to your request, but one pertinent comment
here !
Can you send -out the digest twice a week ? It looks as if you are now
getting enough postings to split it up. Even posts from our friends in RSA
- nice contribution lads.
2 weeks ago I made a posting, then it was a week before I saw some replies,
then I went up into the mountains for a week and only now can I respond. I
hope you, Roman, Chris and Jon know me well enough to expect me to reply,
but I don't want to appear rude thanks to the time delay. I appreciate that
my being away from the net is my problem, but at times some of us away from
nice digitally switched phone systems have to download quickly every few
days, hence my opting for the digest.
So, sorry for the delayed response lads.
Other thing is, can you put a listing of subjects at the beginning of the
digest a la' 80scool ? It somehow makes it more interesting, and then
after reading the whole digest I can then look at the summary to decide
whether there were topics I want to archive, or at least archive the whole
digest for my own records.
As for the translations, I can't help with Danish but if its not too
technical can help with Russian and German - you will remember that my
missus is a professional EC linguist. Must keep her busy in her quieter
hours. She is happy to help out but not with technical description of 'toy
bits' as she delightfully describes vital components of our beloved 80.
Etiquette - I notice does not go as far as the usual '****ing' of other
4WD's names as is so often the case elsewhere. So its confirmed that we can
mention the name of our other 4WD's without neutralising it - yes ?
A P****o owner too ;o)
That's it
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia --------and now to bore the rest of