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Small Query


Apr 3, 2010

Hope the picture worked,
Ok, now In about 2 months I hope to get a dog guard similar to Gary`s one on here, but I have a query.
In Ireland, due to Vat reasons, the 120 is available as a commercial model in Ireland, It has a flat back behind the first row of seats, now im wondering does anyone know what happens the fixing points in the back, and how they are covered. Or what other methods would be available to me to fix the bottom of the dog guard on the bottom.
The fixing points are just screwed into the body. If you lift the carpet, you should see the nuts there.
Remove the rear plastic cover between the door and the carpet (lots of screws under the plastic covers) and pull the carpet up.

I'm guessing they should be there an you can pick up some of the brackets from Mr-T or a breaker?
Alternatively crawl underneath and have a look, you should see either bolts coming through the floor panel, or grommets. May be easier to do that first before lifting the carpet. Looks good with all that usable space though :cool: