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{Spam?} 60 or 80 series - Enviroment and taxes again



Need - I think the environmentist argument would go - riding horses it
usually a luxury, pastime or hobby not a need, anyway can't the horses pull
a cart that gets the logs out of the barn, if you lived in a shoe box on a
shoe box estate you wouldn't have maintenance etc etc. Usually just a far
off the point and narrow minded.
You are right the heating etc is by far the biggest contribution but much
harder to penalise that cars - I think the government actually propagate the
issues in that direction on purpose.
I saw a rainwater recovery system in a new office building in central
London, used for flushing the toilets. Given the building is 7 stories and
doesn't have a huge roof area the collection surface is not great, the
system has a mains water supplemental supply and requires a chlorination
dosing system. Question - with all the additional cost and materials time
and travel used to install the plant... what's the pay back in
environmental terms? Not easy to evaluate and probably not calculated but
the plant gives the occupier a (warm? cosy?) green feeling.
That said I am not against paying my way with regard to pollution and
vehicle, as long as no one starts actually measuring what might come out of
the exhaust on one of my old engines! Nor am I against any of the
environmental schemes but so many of them seem flawed or lacking in
On the tires - get some 7.5R16's (or 9R16's)
Stafford (UK)
FJ45 '75 & FJ45 '76
The trouble is that I *do* need the 80. So long as we have horses I have to
be able to transport them & their feed, and just maintaining this place
without it would be a whole lot harder. It pulled a dead elm tree down for
me last weekend, and transported the chopped up result back to the barn,
although I thought at one point we weren't going to get out of the field -
those 275 wide road tyres are *hopeless* on mud!
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