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Julian, I appreciate that times change and it was a very long time ago that some of us asked for a forum !
I think the value of a list was highlighted with the recent activity on Lcool which most of us enjoyed too. But it can be repetitive with post upon post on one thread etc. But the daily digest is a good function of any list/forum.
Yes, go for a forum whichever way it comes.
The name ELCO.
I remember that you are known as 'the European TLC guy' by a lot of our friends downunder and in the USA. This is reflected in the membership we have between Drexx, Craig, Dana, and many more around the world. They may not post too often but, like us, they all have respect for you and the quality of information that you have encouraged. It would be a shame if that is lost.
I have been a member of the Pajero club and its sister TLC club too. But I have to say that ELCO is a community of serious minded individuals, although we may all like a laugh. On some of these other forums there is a yar'hoo element which can be tedious and wear very thin at times. Though I must emphasise that I do not know the other group with which you are having discussions.
So its an ELCO forum with daily digest for me.
Would the PHPBB3 Portal format be suitable, it seems very popular amongst groups.
Linslade, Beds
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Julian wrote...
Oh Jon, and if we went for forums I would be keen to insist on people
using real names - using these on a forum is not going to lead to
identity theft :)
Thanks Julian, you forgot to call me Grumpy ;o)
Its not the ID theft point so much as that when one gives out one's name, it
is then very easy - for those who want to - to identify who you are and
where you live. And a TLC owner will be very much in the minority in any
community, therefore easy to identify. Then John Smith tells everyone on the
forum that he is travelling to the ELCO weekend leaving Friday night and
returning Sunday night. And there you have all that a burglar needs to
know. This is what happens to expat communities around the world, and its
usually we expats who keep a low profile for this reason. (Its usually staff
in our office who are the main problem, knowing, as they do, our movements.
Did I tell you about the break-in to our house in Sarajevo when I went away
on a business trip but my wife was in the house?) Similar with our
aggravated phone caller, she - yes a she - found out who we were and
identified our movements, daily routine etc. So it was easy for her to
conduct her hate campaign. (She found out about us from the previous owner
of our house).
Read Pete's sensible points again. There is no need for us to openly
identify ourselves - name rank and serial number. And yes, who will verify
that - the thought police ?
Chris is right about unruly elements sometimes using aliases, and I did
refer to this on my earlier thread about the Pajero club. The good thing
about forums is that they do usually have a moderator. Although I belong to
one expat forum that has no moderation and the idiots soon get the message
when they get ignored by the sensible majority. But I fully appreciate that
there is a volunteer time element here which is crucial.
If ELCO contributors stay true to type - as they have done for what, 8
years? Then I see no problem with aliases. Our generally professional
approach to the topics will soon eliminate the other type of contributor.
Remember the 2 dealers who have joined ELCO and then pushed their
businesses, they soon moved on. Because we were sensible enough not to take
the bait.
So I think we can be treated as big boys and be trusted to behave, real name
published or not.
I will move to another venue if my usual handle is allowed, but if I have to
provide any more identity then I will bid you all farewell unfortunately.
Yours with concern -
Mr Grumpy
3rd dwarf on the right, Linslade, Beds
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